Summer Solstice Flash sale!

Today I'm making a sacred spiritual cleansing plant bath in the solstice summer sun to cleanse and uplift my heart after a very challenging emotional week. It's warm and the sun infused flowers, herbs and water will brew all morning for an afternoon cleansing ritual! Uplifting marigold and rose blossoms for my heart. Rosemary, sage, … Continue reading Summer Solstice Flash sale!

Shamana Flora Online Course Registration and Scholarships

Shamana Flora Online Course is open for 2016 registrations!! My 6 month Online Course, an Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism, is open again for new registrations in 2016! Its been far more popular than I ever anticipated over the last two years, and I'm so thrilled to welcome new students this summer! The course is a … Continue reading Shamana Flora Online Course Registration and Scholarships

The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

The Dreamer's Ritual Kit at Shamana Flora Apothecary A ritual kit for the Dreamers and Visionaries! Plant allies can be of great aid to us in dream incubation and recall. Energy flows where intention and attention goes. If you have been wanting to or already are working in the dream and visionary realm to find … Continue reading The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit