Shamana Flora Online Course Registration and Scholarships

Shamana Flora Online Course is open for 2016 registrations!!

My 6 month Online Course, an Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism, is open again for new registrations in 2016!

Its been far more popular than I ever anticipated over the last two years, and I’m so thrilled to welcome new students this summer!

The course is a 6 module program, designed to be done over the course of 6 months, but when you register you will have access to the materials forever, so you can spend as much time as you need on each module/lesson.

Take me to the homepage to find out more!


I’m happy to be able to offer scholarships to two folks this year!!  If you are interested in a scholarship to Shamana Flora Online, please send a letter of application to darcey!

Lesson Information and Curriculum

Lesson 1: What is Shamanic Herbalism, the Journey, Sacred Space and Safety

Lesson 2:  Plant Allies, Intution, Body Wisdom/Felt Sense, Your Daily Practice

Lesson 3: Ceremony, Ritual, Clearing, and Engaging the Medicines

Lesson 4: Tricks of the Trade: Divination, Talismans, Earth as Healer

Lesson 5: Tools of the Trade: Energetic Plant Medicine, Sacred Bathing, Elixirs, Teas, Spirit Inspired Formulation

Lesson 6:  Every Day Shamanism: Finding Meaning and the Shamanic Mindset

Materia Medica: (subject to amendment & additions) hawthorn, yarrow, sage, juniper, artemisia, rosemary, marigold, cacao, tobacco, rose, alder, wood betony, hyssop, blue lotus

“What I have done so far has totally transformed how I relate to the plants and how I practice working with them as a medicine maker. I am so grateful for this, and for the path you have set me on. I can see it will be a long one with many teachers.” -April

“Shamanaflora is a life changing class! Learn the skills a human is supposed to know and practice. Learning to Journey and connect with the spirits of plants lead me down the rabbit hole to explorations in the realm of Spirit, Self and the world round me. Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a deeper connection to the world of plants!” – Susan

Show me all the details!

                                            Full 6 lesson course paid in full – $250

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                                            Payment plan registration available!  

                                               Make three monthly payments of $83.50

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Listen to the Introductory Call mp3 – What the heck is Shamanic Herbalism?

Watch a short intro video with Darcey Blue!

Become an Affiliate Partner of Shamana Flora!

New this year, I’m offering an affiliate partnership program for Shamana Flora Online!  If you have taken the course and want to help spread the word, or haven’t taken the course, but would like an oppurtunity to earn cash and help get the word out about the class, this is your chance!

Affiliates receive a 30% commission on all registrations (which is about $75 per registration!), in exchange for sharing the information about the course, and generating interest and registrations.  You can share with your personal friends who may want to take the course, or on social media.  Just a few registrations will also help you register for the course!

If you are interested in joining me to help share this course, you can find details about becoming an affiliate partner here:
Shamana Flora Affiliate Program

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