The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

The Dreamer's Ritual Kit at Shamana Flora Apothecary A ritual kit for the Dreamers and Visionaries! Plant allies can be of great aid to us in dream incubation and recall. Energy flows where intention and attention goes. If you have been wanting to or already are working in the dream and visionary realm to find … Continue reading The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit


Grief as Sacred – Robin’s Egg Blue Corn Essence

The¬†autumn winds are blowing, everyday now, I can feel the shift in the air, the rains are all but gone for the summer. ¬†Something like autumn is coming. Even the wind has a coolness to it that it didn't have all summer. Change is coming. I've been falling in LOVE with my corn and my … Continue reading Grief as Sacred – Robin’s Egg Blue Corn Essence

Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition. Plant Spirit Essences for the Center Pumpkin Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your … Continue reading Find Center