Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition.


Plant Spirit Essences for the Center


Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your juiciest, creative forces and abundance from within.  Balance of masculine and feminine energy. Abundance. Nourishment. Follow through.   Fertility and abundance, the pure abundance of the Earth.  We are deeply loved, cared and provided for, by her endless abundance, and we are also always giving back, by our very breath that feeds the green beings.  Pumpkin essence is also about resilience, strength of character and determination, and taking up your space fully.  No need to shy or stay small.  Be big, brilliant and abundant, and you will be able to share your abundant resources and gifts with others in turn.


Calendula Spirit Essence/Flower Essence can be used to help us strengthen and empower our connection with compassion and courage in communication, especially with others in our life, co-workers, partners, lovers, friends.  In order to communicate from a place of balance and empowerment, rather than our wounds or traumas (which can and often do get imprinted into our chakras and emotional body), we need to make a connection between our balanced inner wisdom, healthy boundaries and a strong sense of self, and our compassion and courage to speak truth to ourselves and others.  If you find compassionate communication and feeling empowered to communicate your truth challenging, calling on Calendula Spirit essence can be a helpful ally.


The ability to think, reason, and gather strength from our roots, stregthens higher will and to allow spiritual guidance to flow to us, assert ourselves physically in the world with optimism and direction. Restores youthfulness and innocence, fun, play, pleasure, reawakening inner child, connects us with the source/sun and its love, and helps us to express our inner sun creative gifts.  When feeling bogged down by what others thinks of us, lack of self esteem, out of touch with child self, lack of strength, warmth and compassion for self or others.  – From “the Healing Power of Flowers,” Rhonda Pallas Downey


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