What participants are saying about the Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat


Angie Oriana Jenkins- Herbalist/Owner of Sister Lotus Body Care, Belly Dance, & Herbal Education


Darcey Blue’s Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat was absolutely magical for me.  Aravaipa Canyon Ranch enchanted me with its mix of lush greenery & hot dry desert where I met Olive Trees, Tobacco, Desert Lavender, & many new human sisters.  Darcey was a kind & heart-centered leader in the shamanic journeys, where the plants & ancestors gave me excellent advice & even a recipe for a desert perfume (which has been a great seller in my body care biz!)  The Day of the Dead ceremony was particularly powerful for me & I felt I got to properly grieve my father’s passing in a beautiful & supportive setting.  Darcey’s teachings have helped me deepen my relationships with plants which have caused my garden, my biz, & my life to thrive!  This is profound work!!!’

And checkout Angie’s beginners herb on-line course, ‘The Budding Herbalist’:  http://www.sisterlotus.com/On-line-Herb-Course.html

omyOmy Keyes –  Energy worker and light healer (shiatsu/Reiki/massage) poet, writer.


I am not an herbalist by trade, have never had any formal botanical training, but have an interest in plant medicine, and so I decided to attend Darcey’s retreat at Aravaipa last fall.

Darcey immediately made me feel comfortable with her warm welcome and she in turn taught me so much more about plants in one short weekend than I could have hoped. In addition, she created an atmosphere where all in attendance could bring their unique knowledge to share with the group. Since we had a circle of amazing plant healers from around the world, this was a very special thing indeed!

Something that Darcey taught that I had no idea was possible, was how to intuitively communicate with the plants. At first I was dubious but once I really let myself try this, I found I had the ability to do it, and since then I have learned so much by my own intuition and communicating with the plants. That may be the most special gift I recieved from this experience.

Another favorite thing was the tonic-making workshop. Darcey gave me the confidence to create my own plant medicines at home, and I now regularly make tinctures and flower essences on my own.

I loved the spiritual aspects of the retreat also. Especially the shamanic journeying and the singing/drumming. Journeying is now a part of my regular spiritual practice. Mealtimes were a special time at the retreat. Not only was out food lovingly prepared by  wonderful chef Laura, but before each meal we gathered and sang a prayer of thanks and put together a plate for the ancestors. Then we ate together and shared joyful laughter and reverie.

I highly recommend Darcey’s retreats and can’t wait to attend another! She is a gifted teacher with a true love for the land and gifted awareness of the spirit world. Her shamanic training and herbalist training come together to offer a truly outstanding experience to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of these practices.


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