Autumn Community Supported Herbalism Shares Available !

Autumn Community Supported Herbalism Shares Open!

Summer CSH shares are in full swing and members are receiving delicious and healing summer medicines like bee balm blossom honey, elder flower syrup, yarrow tincture, holy basil body oil, lemon balm and rose elixir, pinon cone syrup, mullein leaf tincture, and so much more!

But its not too early to think about registering for your Autumn CSH shares!!  I’m taking members for the Autumn season  (Oct-Dec) until Sept 15!!
If you’d like to receive lots of healing herbal medicines for your immune system and winter wellness, now is the time to join the CSH for autumn!  There are limited shares available, and the best way to make sure you get yours is joining early.
Its super easy to make monthly installment payments on your membership too!
You’ll get 3-4 handcrafted, fresh, wild or organic medicines delivered to your mailbox each month for three months to support your family’s winter wellness!!
Fall medicines include:
Elderberry Elixir , Turmeric Golden Milk Mix , Medicinal Mushroom Elixir, Soup Stock Herbs, Roots Herbal Latte Tea blend , Juniper Berry Bitters , Pinon Resin Infused Honey, Ginger Body Oil and a lot more!!

New Stuff in the Apothecary!

Bija Ayurvedic Digestive Seed Tea
A tasty Shamana Flora twist on a traditional blend of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds used in Ayurveda to soothe and strengthen the digestion without being overly heating.
This traditional blend is twisted with mint and rose, plus cardamom and orange peel to cool the nerves in hot summer months, and support the digestion. Sip warm between or with meals as a gentle digestive stimulant. 1 tsp crushed in 8-12 oz warm water. Steep 15 min. Sweeten if desired. Serve warm or room temperature for best results.
Wisdom Keepers Smudging Herbs Wisdom keepers from many lands carry herbs to purify, uplift and align with spiritual guidance- for burning, offering & anointing in sacred moments and reaffirming spiritual alignment. Wild gathered sagebrush and desert lavender of the southwest with sweet aromatic frankincense resin & rose to sweeten and open the heart chakra. Accompanied by lavender blossoms and a whisper of palo santo.

Cliff Rose Swoon

2016-07-24 12.00.31-1

Cliff Rose           (Cowania mexicana) – this wild scraggly yet graceful shrub of the pinon juniper scrub forest, which blooms in early summer, fragrant blossoms turning to wiry hairy seed pods…

the scent is intoxicating, and seemingly difficult to capture and preserve.  But these blooms have been calling to me, for over a year now, since last summer, and I gathered them up into a jar, leaving it for several hours to let the bugs fly away, and then smothered the blooms in honey.   I can’t think of a more exquisite way to enjoy the golden rose blooms of cliffrose.  In the roseaceae family, and used in many ways by natives of the colorado plateau.

and besides, its so beautiful…and sexy, especially at twilight…



Saturday morning motivational sipping….

I have a giant stack of orders to fill and products to restock to fill said orders today, before an epic Sunday adventure and a whole week of birthdaying! So I needed a little motivation… 

Once upon a time I used to make mate mocha maca lattes…. To get thru dawn inventory days at the store way back when I managed a supplement department,   But today… Coffee. Because locally roasted beans from Matador….

So thus is born – bulletproof maca mushroom mocha.

2 c hot pour over coffee – I used Mexican Alturas from Matador

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tsp maca powder

2 tsp mushroom hot cocoa from LaLa Earth

1 tbsp honey

Pinch of sea salt

Dash of cinnamon and Pasilla ancho chile (smokey and fruity!) 

Whiz it all up with your blender til frothy. Add milk of choice if desired. 




Maca will take the edge of the caffeine crash- a nice even burn of long lasting energy, and mushrooms boost your immunity naturally, cacao just makes you happy and well. Coconut oil to get your metabolism in top gear.  ( but don’t skip breakfast!! ) 

The Best thing to happen to breakast….Elderflower & Cauliflower Fritters

2016-06-30 09.05.18

Wandering in the grey overcast morning, grateful for the cool rain clouds hovering close, I stop at the profusely blooming elder bush that offers me flowers each week for food and medicine.  Most days I turn them into cordials, syrups and tinctures, but today, I felt it was the day for fritters.   But not just any fritters. Elderflower and Cauliflower. Together.

The best part is they are Gluten and Dairy free (unless you cook them in butter…)2016-06-30 08.11.27-1

Elder Flower & Cauliflower Gluten Free Fritters

I used 3 -4 clusters of elderflowers, destemmed, and 3-4 florets of cauliflower, chopped fine or riced into very small pieces.  Mixed together with a pinch of salt.

For the batter – 1/4 c tapioca starch, 1 tbsp water, and 1 egg, whipped until smooth.  

Mix the batter and the flower bits together, and scoop small round heaps with a spoon into a hot pan and fry in butter or coconut oil till brown on each side.

Super easy.

I served it with sauteed wild quelites (lambsquarters) and onions, & a few slices of bacon.

Sauteed Quelites

2 c wash lambsquater leaves ( destemmed is best)

1/4 onion,chopped & 1 clove garlic crushed

dash of salt and red pepper flakes

bacon grease, butter or olive oil for cooking.

Chop the greens and onions/garlic coarsely, suatee in oil on low for 5-10 min, add 1/4 c water to aid cooking if needed.  Add a dash of salt and chile before serving.

Eat Wild! Be wild!

2016-06-30 09.11.50


Summer Solstice Flash sale!

Today I’m making a sacred spiritual cleansing plant bath in the solstice summer sun to cleanse and uplift my heart after a very challenging emotional week.

13495127_10153769082757099_6625532669298974915_nIt’s warm and the sun infused flowers, herbs and water will brew all morning for an afternoon cleansing ritual! Uplifting marigold and rose blossoms for my heart. Rosemary, sage, sagebrush and mugwort to cleanse heavy energies away, and desert sweet and Violets to cool, soften the heat and bring sweetness. Prayers stirred in with intent. Thanking all the elements – the fire of the sun, the earth that grows, the water that cleanses, the air the breathes me back to center.

This afternoon I’ll pour this magical brew over myself in ceremony scrubbing every bit of hucha and heavy energy away with the plants and let the waters flow.


In honor of Solstice i’m offering 20% off in the shop – and you can get your summer CSH share for 20% off today!!!   Summer shares are available only until the 25th so make sure not to miss yarrow tincture, bee balm flower honey, elderflower syrup, pinon cone syrup, rose elixir, holy basil elixir, lemon balm and more!!!  Enter “solstice20” at check out for 20% off until midnight tonight!!

Shop now!


Shamana Flora Online Course Registration and Scholarships

Shamana Flora Online Course is open for 2016 registrations!!

My 6 month Online Course, an Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism, is open again for new registrations in 2016!

Its been far more popular than I ever anticipated over the last two years, and I’m so thrilled to welcome new students this summer!

The course is a 6 module program, designed to be done over the course of 6 months, but when you register you will have access to the materials forever, so you can spend as much time as you need on each module/lesson.

Take me to the homepage to find out more!


I’m happy to be able to offer scholarships to two folks this year!!  If you are interested in a scholarship to Shamana Flora Online, please send a letter of application to darcey!

Lesson Information and Curriculum

Lesson 1: What is Shamanic Herbalism, the Journey, Sacred Space and Safety

Lesson 2:  Plant Allies, Intution, Body Wisdom/Felt Sense, Your Daily Practice

Lesson 3: Ceremony, Ritual, Clearing, and Engaging the Medicines

Lesson 4: Tricks of the Trade: Divination, Talismans, Earth as Healer

Lesson 5: Tools of the Trade: Energetic Plant Medicine, Sacred Bathing, Elixirs, Teas, Spirit Inspired Formulation

Lesson 6:  Every Day Shamanism: Finding Meaning and the Shamanic Mindset

Materia Medica: (subject to amendment & additions) hawthorn, yarrow, sage, juniper, artemisia, rosemary, marigold, cacao, tobacco, rose, alder, wood betony, hyssop, blue lotus

“What I have done so far has totally transformed how I relate to the plants and how I practice working with them as a medicine maker. I am so grateful for this, and for the path you have set me on. I can see it will be a long one with many teachers.” -April

“Shamanaflora is a life changing class! Learn the skills a human is supposed to know and practice. Learning to Journey and connect with the spirits of plants lead me down the rabbit hole to explorations in the realm of Spirit, Self and the world round me. Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a deeper connection to the world of plants!” – Susan

Show me all the details!

                                            Full 6 lesson course paid in full – $250

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                                            Payment plan registration available!  

                                               Make three monthly payments of $83.50

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Listen to the Introductory Call mp3 – What the heck is Shamanic Herbalism?

Watch a short intro video with Darcey Blue!

Become an Affiliate Partner of Shamana Flora!

New this year, I’m offering an affiliate partnership program for Shamana Flora Online!  If you have taken the course and want to help spread the word, or haven’t taken the course, but would like an oppurtunity to earn cash and help get the word out about the class, this is your chance!

Affiliates receive a 30% commission on all registrations (which is about $75 per registration!), in exchange for sharing the information about the course, and generating interest and registrations.  You can share with your personal friends who may want to take the course, or on social media.  Just a few registrations will also help you register for the course!

If you are interested in joining me to help share this course, you can find details about becoming an affiliate partner here:
Shamana Flora Affiliate Program