Becoming Sacred Warriors for the Future – Yarrow as Our Ally

Missing this today while the world is covered in snow… sweet fields of wild yarrow – achillea millefolium. Yarrow teaches me about sacred warriorship, defending and protecting what is sacred and true, not with unnecessary violence, but with the strength of love. Yarrow is strong and resilient, tough, growing in dry and rocky soil of mountaintops with few resources, yet sweet and soft in nature, relieving the pain of physical wounds, staunching bleeding, and clearing infections. Yarrow also helps to heal the battle wounds of the spirit, healing tears and weak places in our energetic boundaries (even from emotional trauma) and strengthening our emotional boundaries overall, so that we can move through the world without being wounded by every emotional blow and by holding our power, not absorbing the energies of others around us. Yarrow- is a warriors ally… and in these days we are all becoming sacred warriors- for our brothers and sisters under attack, for our land being abused, for justice and for the future. Whatever it is we hold sacred, the time is nigh when we must stand up as warriors to protect it with our fierce love. This common graceful weedy wildflower was one of the first two plants I learned and used for medicine as a 12 yr old plant curious girl- and has been beloved to me for 25 yrs. I use yarrow that I’ve lovingly gathered in my Shield Salve and Green Shield Mist- for protection, strength, healing wounds of skin and spirit. (Lots in the shop right now too if you are in need!) There are so many aspects to yarrow I’ve neglected to mention here, but I’d love to hear your yarrow stories and uses! How did you learn of yarrow? How do you work with this medicine? .

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