Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner, what plants and earth rhythms are you seeing around you in nature? What medicines are calling you to invigorate your body and spirit?  Here's an sample from the Ostara/Spring Equinox Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles lesson below!  (want to get the whole lesson?  Grab it on Sale until … Continue reading Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox

The Best thing to happen to breakast….Elderflower & Cauliflower Fritters

Wandering in the grey overcast morning, grateful for the cool rain clouds hovering close, I stop at the profusely blooming elder bush that offers me flowers each week for food and medicine.  Most days I turn them into cordials, syrups and tinctures, but today, I felt it was the day for fritters.   But not … Continue reading The Best thing to happen to breakast….Elderflower & Cauliflower Fritters

The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

The Dreamer's Ritual Kit at Shamana Flora Apothecary A ritual kit for the Dreamers and Visionaries! Plant allies can be of great aid to us in dream incubation and recall. Energy flows where intention and attention goes. If you have been wanting to or already are working in the dream and visionary realm to find … Continue reading The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

Learn Herbal Medicine in the Southwest- Sacred Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

Join Herbalist Darcey Blue to learn about botanical medicines, wildcrafting, medicine making, nature awareness and skills, sacred earth connection and ceremony. Deepen, reinforce, reconnect, and sanctify your work with the plants and the earth. This apprenticeship is appropriate for beginners to herbal medicine, and will cover the basics of medicine making, plant identification, wildcrafting, & herbal … Continue reading Learn Herbal Medicine in the Southwest- Sacred Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

Holidaze Sale

Turns out every year the holidays turn into the Holidaze for me.  Help celebrate the daze with a sale! Last chance for shipping in 2015 ends on DECEMBER 14!! use the code "holidaze"  at checkout for 15% off at the Shamana Flora Apothecary This discount applies also to 2016 Community Supported Herbalism Membership Shares PAID IN … Continue reading Holidaze Sale

No Cook Elderberry Syrup

My favorite elder syrup includes the berries and flowers, plus stimulating, warming spices to improve absorption and circulation.  I prefer not to overcook my elderberries by boiling for extended periods of time, and have found that excessive cooking weakens the potency of theelderberry medicine.  This syrup uses a strong 1:2 infusion of the herbs, which is preserved with honey and alcohol.  This syrup is … Continue reading No Cook Elderberry Syrup