Holidaze Sale

Turns out every year the holidays turn into the Holidaze for me.  Help celebrate the daze with a sale! Last chance for shipping in 2015 ends on DECEMBER 14!! use the code "holidaze"  at checkout for 15% off at the Shamana Flora Apothecary This discount applies also to 2016 Community Supported Herbalism Membership Shares PAID IN … Continue reading Holidaze Sale


No Cook Elderberry Syrup

My favorite elder syrup includes the berries and flowers, plus stimulating, warming spices to improve absorption and circulation.  I prefer not to overcook my elderberries by boiling for extended periods of time, and have found that excessive cooking weakens the potency of theelderberry medicine.  This syrup uses a strong 1:2 infusion of the herbs, which is preserved with honey and alcohol.  This syrup is … Continue reading No Cook Elderberry Syrup

Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition. Plant Spirit Essences for the Center Pumpkin Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your … Continue reading Find Center

Summer Tea for Chilling Out and Cooling Down

Stressed out, hot and bothered, summer Blues, overwhelmed by the intensity? 1/4 c fresh wild rose petals & leaves 1/4 c fresh elder blossoms 1 sprig fresh holy basil Honey to taste 1 quart hot water Ice Steep the herbs in hot water for 30 min, pour over ice. Go sit in the porch and … Continue reading Summer Tea for Chilling Out and Cooling Down