Astro Herbalism Online Course

  Have you ever wondered about the connections between astrology and herbalism, the plants and planets, people and health and their souls?  My good friend and colleague, Sajah Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism just opened up registration for his online program, Astro-Herbalism. I've never quite seen a program like this that bridges together herbalism … Continue reading Astro Herbalism Online Course


Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner, what plants and earth rhythms are you seeing around you in nature? What medicines are calling you to invigorate your body and spirit?  Here's an sample from the Ostara/Spring Equinox Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles lesson below!  (want to get the whole lesson?  Grab it on Sale until … Continue reading Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox

Becoming Sacred Warriors for the Future – Yarrow as Our Ally

Missing this today while the world is covered in snow... sweet fields of wild yarrow - achillea millefolium. Yarrow teaches me about sacred warriorship, defending and protecting what is sacred and true, not with unnecessary violence, but with the strength of love. Yarrow is strong and resilient, tough, growing in dry and rocky soil of … Continue reading Becoming Sacred Warriors for the Future – Yarrow as Our Ally

Venus Rising with Britt Johnson

VENUS RISING: Sacred Femininity + WILD Feminine Course with Britt Johnson "A Divine Feminine course to help RISE your inner VENUS." VENUS RISING: Sacred Femininity + WILD Feminine Course Through this 12 week course, Britt Johnson will help guide you into healing by shedding past conditioned layers + old thought patterns, reconnecting with your body, … Continue reading Venus Rising with Britt Johnson