” If you feel drawn to plants, whether you identify as a mystic or a meditator, an herbalist or an artist, or if you consider yourself “ordinary,” this class [Shamana Flora E Course]  will deepen your appreciation, add a profound element to your experience, and provide context, camaraderie and direction whenever you need it. This isn’t so much a single class as it is an initiation into relationship; if you choose this path, you can go on forever exploring the vast territory introduced cogently and beautifully by Darcey Blue in these six lessons”. -Sue


“Shamana Flora is a life changing class! Learn the skills a human is supposed to know and practice. Learning to Journey and connect with the spirits of plants lead me down the rabbit hole to explorations in the realm of Spirit, Self and the world round me. Highly recommend this class to anyone wanting a deeper connection to the world of plants!”  – Susan

“All of my life I have felt out of place on earth.. I thought perhaps it was just not possible for me to communicate with nature. I was in a place of admiration of earth’s beauty but had simply become a spectator rather than truly communing with nature. The first time I met Darcey I was amazed at her presence and willingness to share her knowledge. I signed up for the retreat not knowing what to expect and the retreat was exactly the medicine my soul needed. I was able to learn how to commune with nature.. I learned also how to reconnect with my sisters; a beautiful tribe was born out of this weekend we spent together and I came away with connections that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Darcey for creating an unforgettable and life changing experience and for creating a safe and supportive space for me to heal and become more like myself
So much Love & Gratitude, Rebekah”

“My being is filled with gratitude for the amazing weekend I spent at the Shamana Floral Retreat. The loving care in which Darcey held space for the group to explore new ideas, engage in sacred ceremony, and to connect in a deeper and richer way with the plant allies, was such a gift. Through my participation with these offerings I feel a greater sense of self empowerment and purpose! The integrated way plant medicine was presented opened many new doors. Thank You Darcey for providing such a safe container where I could sit in a loving community, grow, process, and play!” ~ Teresa


“The March 2014 spring Shamanic Herbal Weekend with Darcey proved to not only show each student the doorway they were seeking, but the knowledge and confidence that would unlock their own spiritual journey with plants. We were lovely women of 16 years to 62, and each of us left blessed with experience and sisterhood. Darcey Blue is a gracious and kind teacher who comes highly recommended by this traveler and lover of our mother earth.” ~ Nita


“As a clinical herbalist, I’m always looking to find new and exciting herb classes to take.  I recently attended an herbal intensive with Darcey Blue French of Shamana Flora.  Darcey’s teaching style is one in which she shares her stories and leads you on an intimate journey with both the plants and oneself.  With her truly holistic teaching approach filled with knowledge, experience, gratitude and respect, you can’t help but to fall in love with these plants, or Darcey for that matter!  She leads her students through a very special and thoughtful process, encompassing mind, body and spirit!  Not only did I leave the retreat feeling peaceful, refreshed and fulfilled, but I came away with a new appreciation for the desert and a whole new group of delightful herbal friends. Darcey is truly walking her life path in life. I’d recommend taking at least one of her classes. You won’t regret it! ~ Heidi”

“Darcey is a skilled and loving guide into the fascinating world of plants.Through her facilitation I was able to connect to new places in myself, to the plants, and to the people around me. The retreat gave me deep spiritual healing and tools for continuing this work myself. Thank you!” ~ Rebecca

“Darcey is an amazing intuitive herbalist who combines her vast knowledge and extensive study of plant medicine with an ancient knowing far beyond anything found in a book. I trust her to offer you a sound and soulful path toward wellness using natural plant based healing.”~Latisha


“I appreciated that you had prepared for our phone consult and were ready with very meaty advice.  I’m usually very nervous on the phone, but  it was very pleasant and yet you really stuck to the topic.  Not diluting down your time with chit chat.  I also appreciated the beautiful write up you did as follow up and have it posted on the wall in front of my face in my work space so that I can remember to follow your advice.  I thought it was going to be a pretty challenging case or at least take a good bit of time.  Something I had worked on for months was almost completely healed up 3 weeks after talking to you.” -Jamie


“The tortoise is called by Tomoho O’odham people “komik’c-ed” or “shell with living thing inside.”  Beneath the unassuming tortoise shell, Darcey exudes the radiant vital force and has generously empowered me to restore my wholeness with medicinal plants, whole foods and authentic relationship with desert flora. As an herbalist, nutritionist, plant whisperer and banjo playing healer, she has inspired me to eat well while caring for myself in profoundly simple ways. Don’t be fooled by simple, because the shift I have experience by weaning myself slowly off of antidepressants has been under the gentle guidance of Darcey: on plant walks, bi-monthly phone consultations, delicious recipes, wildcrafted herbal medicine sent to my doorstep and in-person, in-tense meetings. Darcey has a place for those who seek her. Interestingly, the desert tortoise’s burrow will house not just herself but also geckos, lizards, owls, kangaroo rat, rattlesnake, kit fox, feral cat, spiders: ALL relations. True to her business name, she can offer a unique consult suited for you. Thank you Darcey, for your guidance, patience, lessons and healing.”  – Irene
“Darcey has always, ALWAYS, answered my plea for help in a timely manner and has totally tuned into what is going on in my life before deciding what would be best for me.  When I take the time to tell her, she makes the time to listen and hear what I say… and what I don’t say…   I trust her skill and intuition explicitly.” – Ruthie
“Flower Power was a life changing experience for me. Through working with nature and the elements under the guidance and direction of Darcey Blue, I was able to reconnect with myself and nature in a different light. Darcey’s teachings enabled me to establish a deeper understanding and connection as well as assisted in building a more personal relationship within my own heart as well as outside forces. Many things began to shift on many levels throughout the course of this work and continue to do so. I am so thankful and love being able to utilize and work with this form of energetic medicine. Thank you for you and showing me the way ‘Home’ Shamana Flora!” ~ Ashley

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