Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition. Plant Spirit Essences for the Center Pumpkin Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your … Continue reading Find Center


Flower medicine : sweet sultry early summer gifts

 Honeysuckle blossoms in coconut oil for a skin cooling, sweet summer aroma and pleasure.  Honeysuckle and Vetiver Face Cream coming soon. Healing Calendula blossoms in olive oil.  Soft medicine- Globe Mallow for moisture and juiciness  in the desert heat.                      Sweet Sensual prickly pear cactus flowers- … Continue reading Flower medicine : sweet sultry early summer gifts