Cafe con Flores- coffee with flowers

Coffee. Lattes. We indulge. Weekly or even daily. I try to avoid sugar drenched lattes with syrups and artificial flavors. But now and again I want to make my morning java a little more special and magical. If faeries and gnomes drank coffee – surely they would spike them with flowers.


So I have begun drenching my coffee with flower waters. First it was orange blossom water- a splash Stirred in last minute in a cool creamy homemade latte. Then I knew – I just had to add a pinch of clove and nutmeg.
Today it’s roses. Rosewater- extra cream- honey and a dash of vanilla bean and 2 dashes of cinnamon. Seriously- no one dreamed of cinnamon rose coffee before? Maybe they do this morocco ? Or Lebanon?


Either way. You should try it. Spike your coffee with flowers. You can buy hydrosols at mountain rose herbs or your local Mediterranean market. Next it will be cherry blossom and mahleb. Crazy good.


Rosewater latte with cinnamon & vanilla
1 tsp rosewater
12 oz cool coffee
2 oz cream
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp vanilla bean (powder or extract)
Honey to taste

Stir. Sip. Swoon. Repeat.


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