Summer Solstice Flash sale!

Today I’m making a sacred spiritual cleansing plant bath in the solstice summer sun to cleanse and uplift my heart after a very challenging emotional week.

13495127_10153769082757099_6625532669298974915_nIt’s warm and the sun infused flowers, herbs and water will brew all morning for an afternoon cleansing ritual! Uplifting marigold and rose blossoms for my heart. Rosemary, sage, sagebrush and mugwort to cleanse heavy energies away, and desert sweet and Violets to cool, soften the heat and bring sweetness. Prayers stirred in with intent. Thanking all the elements – the fire of the sun, the earth that grows, the water that cleanses, the air the breathes me back to center.

This afternoon I’ll pour this magical brew over myself in ceremony scrubbing every bit of hucha and heavy energy away with the plants and let the waters flow.


In honor of Solstice i’m offering 20% off in the shop – and you can get your summer CSH share for 20% off today!!!   Summer shares are available only until the 25th so make sure not to miss yarrow tincture, bee balm flower honey, elderflower syrup, pinon cone syrup, rose elixir, holy basil elixir, lemon balm and more!!!  Enter “solstice20” at check out for 20% off until midnight tonight!!

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One thought on “Summer Solstice Flash sale!

  1. Talk about synchronicity. I just scrolled to this post on my WordPress feed as my husband walked through the door with a package from Arizona… 😀 Thank you for these lovelies!

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