Pinon Pine Tree Spirit Essence

Just added today to the Apothecary! Piñon Pine Tree Spirit Essence!

Pinon Pine Spirit Essence made from the Mama Pinon tree on my property. She’s an old wise mother tree, shedding oodles of nuts in the fall , feeding the flocks of pinon jays, and dancing in the wind each night.
The essence is a mothering essence, reflecting abundance, nourishment and fertility. While also being cleansing and purifying of old ways of being in the world, especially those based on shame or guilt. She offers a clean way to begin again, while teaching the soul of the resilience and flexibilty and ability to dance in the fierce winds of change that life can bring. She teaches about how allowing life lessons and experiences to shape you and help you grow makes you more beautiful and strong. Pinon essence is very grounding helping one to connect deeply with your connection to the Earth/land, while also keeping the intuitive vision/mind clear and active. Tuning into wisdom of the land and spirit. A bridge between worlds.
Also associated with pinon/blue jay medicine, as the abundance of nuts in the fall feeds flocks of cackling jays.

2016-05-19 17.39.33

From Stillpoint Aromatics –
This particular flower essence holds the intention of wisdom, harmony, and longevity.

Assists in:
Grounding and connection to the Earth
Recognizing the immoratlity of the Soul
Awakening our connection to Spirit
Finding your footing inorder to move forward
Combating self punishing thoughts
Recognizing the inherent wisdom in any given sitation
Finding grace
Balancing of the pineal gland
Releasing of negative emotions stored in the amygdala


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