Wild Invitations Scholarships!

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Wild Invitations: A Journey of Nature & Soul begins April 18, 2016!

Are you searching for simple ways to reconnect to your own inner wildness?

And Yearning to feel a deeper kinship with wilderness & nature?

Do you feel your soul light up by the idea of diving deep into the messages that nature, wildness and the sacred whisper to you?

Are you ready to cultivate the soil of your soul and innate wildness?

Do you want to rediscover the simple and sacred magic of just being present to nature and your authentic self?

Wild Invitations 6 week journey is an online email based mini course and opportunity to begin practices, ceremonies, and explorations of your wild nature, wilderness, nature, and soul.

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I’m so excited to offer this aspect to my work, one that is near and dear to my heart.  The plants have always been my friends and teachers, bringing me ever closer to nature, wildness and my soul purpose in this life, and its time to deepen and open this work to you as well, based on my experiences in nature, wilderness and ceremony.

I’m offering scholarships to two blog readers to join me in this work this April!

If you would like to apply for one of the two scholarships for the course please:

  • write a reply to this post in the comments below about why you want to begin this work at this time 
  • repost this blog post on facebook (please share the link in your comment below so I can find it) 
  • or send an email to the people  you know who would like to participate in this course with a link to the blog post so they can find out more.   (please cc shamana.flora@gmail.com on the email)


Scholarship recipients will be chosen on April 2 and notified on the blog/via e mail!!



27 thoughts on “Wild Invitations Scholarships!

  1. The wildwood is calling me… and I want to reconnect with my inner wisdom. I have a challenging time at the moment and I have to learn to be more grounded and trust into my deepest intuition. Since I started my herbal journey I discovered a whole new life beneath my normal daylife. There is magic just around the corner and it is so healing me. Finding my plant allies really helped me and now I want to go to the next level and get intouch with the elements, the four directions and the spirits…

    Thank you so much for the chance! Love and Light for you ♥

    And here is the link for my facebook share

  2. Oh Wow, I just booked 2 dates the other day to go camping in June and Sept to connect with Nature . . . could the Universe be sending whispers my way . . . 🙂

    This Wild Invitation e-course would be a great addition in my learning, healing and growing while I am camping and out other times in nature. Along with the tools that I’ve learned in the Shamanic Herbalism course recently , I feel that adding this course to my soul toolbox would be an amazing journey exploring, developing and connecting with the elements in sacred space . . . Namaste

    Check your email as I’ve sent an email to another Child of Nature and included the link to the learn more about this amazing journey you are offering that starts April 18th 2016.

    Thank you for offering this amazing opportunity for 2 lucky winners to win a wonderful scholarship. 🙂

  3. I would enjoy and benefit from taking Sacred Wild Invitations
    e class. I am looking for an opportunity to re wild and gain a soul
    connection with the living ecosystem where I live and am very much contained in, interacting with and a part of. I believe this course could help me to access ways of self healing and to gain a more focused and sensitive knowledge of myself imbued in the
    living language of nature. I hope you will consider my request for a scholarship to your self honoring course.

  4. Greetings dear sister! Firstly, THANK YOU for offering such a yummy course! I can imagine that your gifts and wisdom will penetrate those learning from you in a profound and deeply moving way. I have been called to enter to win a scholarship for many reasons. Recently I have been calling in a sisterhood/support system to journey along with me through the changing seasons. After moving to Northern California a year and a half ago, my whole life changed. Although always a nature-loving gal, my connection to the outdoors grew stronger than ever before. I had NEVER lived on a farm, had livestock, planted my own food, wild harvested, homesteaded, etc. before now! Little did I know that there was a WORLD of information just waiting for me to be ready to receive it. Little did I know I had SO much to gain from moving away from city life and square buildings. Busy roads and surface-level interactions. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to live where I do now and in all honesty, I am proud of myself! I said yes, I took the steps, I chose evolution! And so, after experimenting with plant medicine, plant alchemy, healing herbs and growing crops, my partner and I have decided to take on a big organic farm project this year! Eep! Everything I know about farming/gardening has been learned with hands-on experiences in only the past year and a half! Really throwing myself to the wolves and just figuring it out! Spending time in nature and ASKING for its guidance.

    With our upcoming venture I will have little time to reach out to my (human) community for connection. I am looking for ways to connect deeper with my plant community since I will be living in natures neighborhood, literally. I want to learn tools to open my heart to Mama Gaia, so I can listen and be one with her. I am ready for more! I crave a mentor. I crave a brother or a sister to lead me on a path to more receptivity and knowing-ness. I crave to be able to hear the plants speak, to be able to identify plants just by looking, touching, smelling. I want a deeper soul connection to our mother and all living beings. I want to tap into ancient traditions and wisdom of living in oneness with our beloved Earth. I want to nourish the Wild Woman within me with nature’s medicine! I want to rediscover the sacred magic of just BEing present! Everything you are offering dear sister, is what I am calling into my life right NOW!

    Aho! and Amen!

    Blessings, Jaya xx

  5. Hi there Darcy!

    I am a yoga teacher and sound healer living in Canada who has been drawn to shamanic work for a very, verrrry long time and am just now feeling the pull to really dive in and make this work an integral part of my practice. Although my desire to step in to this work is great, it has been exceptionally difficult in the last year to afford courses that I have desperately wanted to take, due big life changes and the need to step into this wild life flow! I think what you are offering in this course is worth even more than you’re charging, and I wish with my whole heart that I would be able to pay for this in full. I have been following you for a long time through Instagram and your website and am just in awe of the work that you do and would be over the moon for the chance to do this work with you.

    Whereever these scholarships go, I thank you for offering that up to two people who need it. I think that’s a huge gifts

    All my love.

  6. Hi Darcey,

    I am very interested in your program! I love your work and feel I have so much to learn from you. Seriously- you are amazing, and I feel grateful to have worked with your medicine. In my own life I am a couple of years out of herb school, volunteering as a naturalist with kids in the woods while working as a graphic designer on the computer the rest of the time. That wild spark of connection and sisterhood I felt in the past has been feeling dulled lately- and it is the most meaningful thing I have ever experienced. Needing to get centered in my self, power, gifts, wildness. I know my soul is calling to rekindle that spark, that wild connection, the wild within. I have always wanted to study with you- perhaps now could be the time!


  7. I just wanted to say that you have done an amazing job to your webpage. Your classes look fantastic and I have great love and respect for you. You are unique and wonderful.
    Have a great day 🙂

  8. I’ve always been on a straight path in life. At a very young age, I already knew what I wanted to do as my career in life. I’ve worked hard and made many sacrifices to get to each stepping stone throughout my journey. Along the way, there were good times and hard times but each a learning experience. However, I’ve gotten to a point in my life when the struggles are too much to bare and the end goal seems the most furthest it’s ever been.
    Within the past few years, I’ve been on a personal journey towards self-improvement. This consists of trying to live the more happy life I want. Living in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to live a simple lifestyle, but I’m trying my best. I’ve also has begun a more spiritual journey in living a more natural lifestyle as well. It can be overwhelming reading and learning about all things natural and organic because I want to be sure to be reading and learning the correct information. I came across your Instagram and website, and I’m deeply intrigued of all that you do. I’m merely a beginner, but I hope to learn and experience more about Shamana Flora. I want to be able to reset city life and reconnect to my own inner wildness. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂
    Fb link: https://www.facebook.com/cristina.ocampo.524/posts/689040054532443?pnref=story

  9. wow! this course is so in line with my path. there has recently been an unfolding for me. i am beginning to recognize and fall more into tune with the flow of nature and everything wild. i have always noticed these stirrings, but just in the past months have been starting to incorporate ritual and presence more fully into my everyday life. i am attending to the cycles of the moon and finding small ways to honor each day with ceremony. i am taking small steps toward finding the pause in stillness and silence. i am a mama of a 16 month old working as a psychologist and am seeing how vital it is to discover and practice my personal medicine. i also want to cultivate my skills and knowledge so that at some point i can incorporate this work into my professional life. this course would be an incredible opportunity for me to delve more deeply into plant medicine, ritual, and returning to true essence in community with other wild-hearted humans.

  10. Aloha, Darcey! This course sounds lovely — absolutely interesting & inspiring! I live on The Big Island of Hawaii, it’s lovely but limiting. I am slowly realizing that almost all attempts at self-improvement/an education must be made on-line! I am currently enrolled in on-line schooling to become a “Womb Sauna Practitioner”. Think; vaginal steaming, red tents, bajos, ETC! This course seems like it could compliment my womb healing teachings and be a part of my continued education requirements! I hope you will consider me as a possible candidate! Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Sending love, light and a generous MAHALO!


    Miss. Eden Jade, herself!

  11. I love your work and your beautiful herbal creations. I took an online course with you 2 winters ago and it changed my life! Since then, I have been deepening my herbal studies and loving every moment of it. You have reawakened my love for the wild and the innate wisdom of the body. Being able to study with you again would be a true gift.

  12. Hello! This course is calling me in so many ways and at a time I feel how large the distance between the Earth and I has grown and how much I need that connection to be re-established. Enthusiastic ‘Yes’s!!’ to all of your above questions! I am currently a graduate student in Seattle, studying Chinese medicine and it’s through this program that my love for herbalism has really flourished. In September I will be moving back to my community in rural Iowa to establish a clinic and herbal dispensary there and get back to living on the land that I miss so much and homesteading. I would love to take this class as I work towards these goals and deepen my love for this work and world. Thank you for offering such a beautiful opportunity Darcy.

  13. I would love to take this course. I enjoy your teaching style and how you connect with the earth. It truly helps your students form a deeper connection.It is coming on that time of year where I am more outside then in and am always looking for more ways to connect to Gaia. Thank you for the awesome opportunity.

  14. Your posts, beautiful herbals and photos always make my day! I have a 10 acre farm in the Ozarks that I have been deepening my relationship with and a small retail apothecary. I would love to absorb the knowledge that you have to share and share it with my growing community here in the Ozarks.

  15. This Course is calling me and it would be an honor to take one of Darcy’s course. Although, I am an Herbalist and Aromatherapy…..I never stop learning in this world and love take new and interesting courses to enhance my skills.

  16. I would love to take this course to learn how to deepen my connection to nature in a place not as easy as Ojai. I find myself stuck a bit here. Plus, I just love how you put together your classes and I know it would be a life changing experience. I don’t know how to link it here I will share on fb. Thanks for the chance…many many blessings!

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