Everyday Sacred WorkBook is Now Available

28 daily Rituals & Plant Wisdom to Invoke the Sacred in your Every Day.
Previously offered as a mini e-course with Darcey Blue, is now available as a beautiful E-WorkBook for you to work through each daily ritual prompt at your own speed. Take a week to meditate and connect with the fire element, or several days to anoint with your sacred flower essence and healing affirmation.Photo Jan 30, 8 13 41 AM (1)


Each prompt is designed to be done in less than 20 minutes (with a few exceptions for ceremonies for the new and full moons), and is easy to incorporate into your daily routines.

Each days prompt comes with a workbook/journal page for you to use to deepen and affirm your work, and record your notes and experiences.


  • Meditations with the Elements- Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  • Plant Journey Meditations with Seeds, Roots, Flowers 
  • Love Letters, Offerings, Mandalas & Healing Cauldron
  • Intentional and Sacred work w/ Tinctures, Teas, Flower Essences & Essential Oils
  • New and Full Moon Ceremonies
  • Intention, Honoring, Releasing, Protection
  • and more!

The Workbook is available as a PDF download at Shamana Flora Apothecary Now!

Get my copy of the E book now!


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