Wild Invitations: A Journey to Nature & Soul

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“Given that the human soul is the very core of our human nature, we might note that, when we are guided by soul, we are guided by nature. Both soul and greater nature do guide us in our individual development, whether or not we ask for this guidance.” ― Bill Plotkin

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Are you searching for simple ways to reconnect to your own inner wildness?

And Yearning to feel a deeper kinship with wilderness & nature?

Do you feel your soul light up by the idea of diving deep into the messages that nature, wildness and the sacred whisper to you?

Are you ready to cultivate the soil of your soul and innate wildness?

Do you want to rediscover the simple and sacred magic of just being present to nature and your authentic self?


Join me, for a journey with nature and soul this spring.  We dive in together in April for 6 weeks of messages, ceremonies, practices for nature and soul connection, nature awareness and wild perception, imagination, totems, elements and honoring sacred wildness.  During these 6 weeks you will rediscover, reconnect, rekindle, reinvigorate and rewild your soul in direct relationship with the beings, elements, and processes of the sacred and wild nature around you and within you.

 Each of the 6 weeks we work within one of the four themes based on a 4 directions medicine wheel.  We will work with elements, archetypes and totems, nature beings (plants, trees, stones, mountains, rivers etc) simple rituals, journaling, journey & deep imagination, dreams, and sensory awareness practices to begin a process of reconnecting to our innate wildness, the greater wild nature, and the connection & relationship between our wild wise soul and wild sacred nature.

South – Fire Element, the Seed/Quickening 

West- Water Element, Root/Grounding & Deepening

North – Earth Element, Branches/Outer Expression & Activation

East- Air Element, Flower/Expansion & Opening


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“Owning up to being animal, a creature of the earth. Tuning our animal senses to the sensible terrain: blending our skin with the rain-rippled surface of rivers, mingling our ears with the thunder and the thrumming of frogs, and our eyes with the molten gray sky. Feeling the polyrhythmic pulse of this place — this huge windswept body of water and stone. This vexed being in whose flesh we’re entangled. Becoming earth. Becoming animal. Becoming, in this manner, fully human.”   – David Abram

Registration for Wild Invitations Includes:

  • Daily invitations delivered to your email 5 days per week
  • A beautiful PDF E book of all the prompts, at the end of the journey, for your reference to work with on an ongoing basis
  • Personal New and Full Moon check in with Darcey Blue (via e mail) 
  • Access to private Community Group Discussion Space


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Begins April 18, 2016!

April 18- May 31

$49 for 6 weeks










3 thoughts on “Wild Invitations: A Journey to Nature & Soul

  1. I have always been drawn to nature and working with the elements. I recently became courageous enough to step into my role as a healer and study herbalism more in depth. It seems like an appropriate time to introduce a bit of structure to my life in with a classroom like feel of your course. I am ready to explore the nature of my soul.

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