Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner, what plants and earth rhythms are you seeing around you in nature? What medicines are calling you to invigorate your body and spirit?  Here's an sample from the Ostara/Spring Equinox Plant Medicine for Earth Cycles lesson below!  (want to get the whole lesson?  Grab it on Sale until … Continue reading Plant Medicine for Spring Equinox


Wild Invitations Scholarships!

Wild Invitations: A Journey of Nature & Soul begins April 18, 2016! Are you searching for simple ways to reconnect to your own inner wildness? And Yearning to feel a deeper kinship with wilderness & nature? Do you feel your soul light up by the idea of diving deep into the messages that nature, wildness … Continue reading Wild Invitations Scholarships!

Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat Workshops and Ceremonies

 I'm so excited for the upcoming Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat next month, and there is still room for you to join us!!! Here is an update on some of the heart opening and transformative ceremonies and workshops being offered at this weekend of healing, plant medicine, shamanic healing work, wilderness and ceremony!  Each morning we … Continue reading Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat Workshops and Ceremonies