Windflower/Desert Anemone with Darcey Blue

I made a short video today about one of my favorite wild desert plant medicines- Anemone tuberosa- Desert Windflower! Watch the video to find out how to work with Windflower as a tincture and as a flower essence.

I made a flower essence and sat in communion with this sweet flower for several hours- and she had a lot to say.  About allowing our authentic nature and true self to be seen without fear or hiding anything.  We are protected. We are safe.  We are here to be a light in the world.

She is soft, gentle, vulnerable – but knows where to grow and bloom in safety. Associated with fawn/deer medicine – gentleness, self love.
She is not afraid of the light. It is for when you hide in safe places out of fear of being seen for whom and what you truly are. She helps you to be seen with all your unique beauty and gifts, in your light and your authentic self. 
She withstands the harsh winds of life’s challenging circumstance and brings ease and calm into fear and challenge.


She helps to become who you dream you can be. 

Shyness and timidness, helps you to allow your true self to shine through.

When you feel as if you stand out from the crowd, when you are too different from those around you and you fear to truly be yourself to avoid being seen as strange, different or for what you truly are. When you isolate yourself from community because of your fear of your differences.

Offers gentle fortification- of inner beauty and recognition of your gifts- and in recognizing and accepting the small meaningful gifts in life that might otherwise seem insignificant.

Just a quick note, I’ll shortly be putting up for sale at Poppyswap a few sets of the Essence and Tincture of Anemone tuberosa- each in 1/2 oz bottles. Stay tuned to it if you’d like to work with this medicine!



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