Daily Plant Wisdom: Mugwort and the Dream Time

Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm. The illustration is by Will Worthington.

Yesterday, on the medicinal plant walk, we sat next to a patch of beautiful desert mugwort (Artemisia ludoviciana), just starting to lengthen her tender fronds and grey green leaves to the warming sun, as its roots lay safely tucked in the moisture of the sandy cranny under a rock where the precious snow melt has pooled into the usually dry wash.

And this morning- I wanted to offer you some wisdom from the plant world- through a mini oracle reading. And who but should appear but the beautiful, dreamy mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) herself.

Mugwort wisdom for us today is reminding us, as we draw closer to the Full Moon on Wednesday, to pay close attention to our dreams. What messages are coming in our sleeping dreams? What are we day dreaming about? Are we remembering our dreams?

It also asks us to take note of where there might be stagnant energy within our bodies, or our lives? Is there something that needs to move? Something that needs clearing out/dispelling to allow flow through? Its roots live in the damp nooks and crannies- connecting us with our emotional and intuitive and subconscious wisdom, but which we may not be fully taking advantage of because of an energetic block, a negative thought pattern, or even an unhealthy connection with a person or entity.

Its beautiful grey green leaves reach upward toward the sun, and the moon- and remind us to look up to those heavenly bodies for wisdom and connection. What is your connection with the moon? With her phases? Do you notice your energy and mood shifting with the moon? Are you being asked to honor the changes she goes through each month with ceremony? Or your own monthly rhythms with simple ritual?

Bringing together the wisdom of our dream world with the cyclical and intuitive wisdom of the moon- mugwort invites us to connect deeply with the feminine element in our lives- the energy of the divine feminine. Weather you are male or female- the divine feminine lives within us all. What is the feminine nature within you tending right now? What nourishment is she asking for? What inner dreams and hopes is she gestating for you?

Allow your dreams, your emotions, and your ties to the moon to inform you right now. This is the wisdom of mugwort.

I’m including links to a few podcasts by Christina Pratt- about Dreams and Shamanism for you to listen to and connect more deeply with your dreaming mind.

Shamanism and Dreams-Christina Pratt


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