Medicinal Plant Walk- Tasting the Spice of Tree Resin

A beautiful day dawned in the desert on Saturday March 23- cool and breezy- a welcome respite from last weeks intense sun rays beating down at 90 degrees, a mite early, even for us desert rats.   We gathered together- a band of 6 plant loving folks and an eager and joyful toddler, and drove up to a special little canyon spot- rich with juniper and manzanita, blooming anemone and fragrant mugwort.

We hunted in the grassy hills to find the shy and beautiful anemone- and when she showed her beautiful face to us, we saw her everywhere.  Each person sat close to an anemone, and in quietness, we communed with her gentle energy- to learn what she wanted to share with each person.  Her magic and sweetness capturing the attention of even the smallest of us- pointing with laughing voice and wide eyes at the beautiful flower.

As we meandered down into the wash, still running with snow melt from the mountains- we kissed the monkey flowers, chewed the fresh new green fronds of still sweet and not too bitter mugwort, and sat upon the knees of the juniper tree in the wash- and filled our mouths with the taste of fresh juniper resin that was leaking from the cracks in trunk- and sharing the power that plant allies and deepening relationship with our plant medicines can have on our lives, and our communities.

It was as magical, and full of wisdom, sharing and joyful laughter, and of course, the plants, always whispering and in gratitude to share their magic with us.



The next plant walk in Tucson, AZ is on April 6- 8 am- 1 pm.  We meet at Le  Buzz Coffee shop on Tanque Verde Road/Catalina Hwy.

We’ll visit a riparian desert wash, and see the weeds, feral escapees and natives that live in the unique environment of the wash including blooming elders, leafing mulberry, whispering willows, dancing oats, and sweet smelling clovers.

Want to join us?  Email me to register!  $25 per person


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