The Everyday Sacred E-Workbook

28 daily Rituals & Plant Wisdom to Invoke the Sacred in your Every Day. Previously offered as a mini e-course with Darcey Blue, is now available as a beautiful E-Book for you to work through each daily ritual prompt at your own speed. Take a week to meditate and connect with the fire element, or … Continue reading The Everyday Sacred E-Workbook

My top 10 Must Have Herbs at Home

My top 10 Must Have Herbs at Home Every herbalist has their favorite plant friends that they keep around the house and office at all times, both because they use them so often and because they offer relief, comfort, joy and versatility.  It is hand to keep tinctures of a few favorites around at all … Continue reading My top 10 Must Have Herbs at Home

The Everyday Sacred – 28 Day Journey – Summer Solstice!

For the length of the Summer Solstice Moon Cycle of 2015- Join me for daily practices, journeys, rituals, herbalremedies, and plant wisdom delivered to your inbox to invite the Sacred into your EVERYDAY for 2015. Daily practices are designed to take less 15 min, and be simple to incorporate into your daily life. Baby Steps. Small daily changes and tools that add up to a way to tend and nourish a new perspective and intention to hold the Sacred in our Everyday moments.

Giveaway!! Two FREE Spots to the Renewal 12 week E Program!!

I'm excited to be able to offer a couple of FREE spots to Renewal, which begins on March 21!! This 12 week program of nutrition, nourishment, herbal rejuvenation, connection with nature, personal spiritual practice and your hearts calling is for you if you have been feeling the desire to recommit and reconnect to your self … Continue reading Giveaway!! Two FREE Spots to the Renewal 12 week E Program!!

Herbalism, Actually…(self treatment, strep throat, and overdoing it)

Its easy to perform herbal healing wonders for others...confidence in your tools, and skills and knowledge grows when your client before you- believes in you.  Its also a bitch.  Because sometimes they'll need to take your tincture 25 times. A day.  (Convince them of that!!  Hard sell.)  Sometimes you just need to stay in bed … Continue reading Herbalism, Actually…(self treatment, strep throat, and overdoing it)

Windflower/Desert Anemone with Darcey Blue I made a short video today about one of my favorite wild desert plant medicines- Anemone tuberosa- Desert Windflower! Watch the video to find out how to work with Windflower as a tincture and as a flower essence. I made a flower essence and sat in communion with this sweet flower for several hours- … Continue reading Windflower/Desert Anemone with Darcey Blue