Pinon Pine Tree Spirit Essence

Just added today to the Apothecary! Piñon Pine Tree Spirit Essence! Pinon Pine Spirit Essence made from the Mama Pinon tree on my property. She's an old wise mother tree, shedding oodles of nuts in the fall , feeding the flocks of pinon jays, and dancing in the wind each night. The essence is a … Continue reading Pinon Pine Tree Spirit Essence

The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

The Dreamer's Ritual Kit at Shamana Flora Apothecary A ritual kit for the Dreamers and Visionaries! Plant allies can be of great aid to us in dream incubation and recall. Energy flows where intention and attention goes. If you have been wanting to or already are working in the dream and visionary realm to find … Continue reading The Dreamer’s Ritual Kit

Learn Herbal Medicine in the Southwest- Sacred Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

Join Herbalist Darcey Blue to learn about botanical medicines, wildcrafting, medicine making, nature awareness and skills, sacred earth connection and ceremony. Deepen, reinforce, reconnect, and sanctify your work with the plants and the earth. This apprenticeship is appropriate for beginners to herbal medicine, and will cover the basics of medicine making, plant identification, wildcrafting, & herbal … Continue reading Learn Herbal Medicine in the Southwest- Sacred Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

Wild Invitations Scholarships!

Wild Invitations: A Journey of Nature & Soul begins April 18, 2016! Are you searching for simple ways to reconnect to your own inner wildness? And Yearning to feel a deeper kinship with wilderness & nature? Do you feel your soul light up by the idea of diving deep into the messages that nature, wildness … Continue reading Wild Invitations Scholarships!