Giveaway!! Two FREE Spots to the Renewal 12 week E Program!!

renewal with imagesI’m excited to be able to offer a couple of FREE spots to Renewal, which begins on March 21!!

This 12 week program of nutrition, nourishment, herbal rejuvenation, connection with nature, personal spiritual practice and your hearts calling is for you if you have been feeling the desire to recommit and reconnect to your self care and self love, in a holistic, gentle, heart and spirit centered way!

Check out the FREE intro Video Class on The 6 Pillars!!


On March 7, I will draw TWO winners from the folks who do the following.

  • Share this post on your social networks (Facebook, instagram, twitter, pintrest, email list etc)
  • Post a link in the comments below where you shared.
  • Post in the comments how and why joining Renewal would inspire and rejuvenate you in your own life.

Remember that Early Bird Registration price of $89 ends on March 10!!!  Be sure to register by that date!  Price goes up on March 11, to $116


There is a payment plan (2 – $45 payments over two months), if you’d like to sign up for that go here!

Good luck and thank you for sharing the giveaway!!!

Renewal!  A Journey of Rejuvenation, Recommitment, and Reconnection to Self, Nature, and Spirit.


Nourishment – eating for gentle renewal and reclaiming health

Herbal Rejuvenation – herbal alliances for personal healing and rejuvenation

Nature Wisdom -Meditations/journeys, practices, and simple rituals for connection with nature  

Movement with Joy- simple, joyful ways to include movement in life (walking, short sprints, dance, yoga, sprouting seed dance, shamanic dance journey)

The Sacred Spirit -Meditations/journeys, practices, and simple rituals for connection with the sacred energy of life and personal spirituality.

Your Heart/Soul Calling – Exploring what your heart desire is really asking for, and finding the next baby steps to move toward the life and calling your heart is yearning for.

What is included in RENEWAL?

  • 6  biweekly lessons/modules corresponding to one of the 6 pillars of our journey (nourishment, herbal allies, movement, nature, spirituality, heart/soul calling & purpose, delivered to you via PDF email
  • Videos, MP3 files of discussions, guided meditations.
  • 6 community calls (live) for Q & A and further discussion of the work we are doing in each module (will be recorded for those not able to make the call)
  • Community online space for sharing, discussion and celebration
  • One personal commitment to yourself each 2 weeks.
  • Working with a partner/small group for accountability and support
  • Recipes for nourishing, cleansing and rejuvenating meals & herbal recipes for teas and syrups and elixirs for rejuvenation, support of body systems, improved digestion, and mental peace. (Supportive material but not required.)
  • Easy, short practices for connecting with nature, spirit and your heart that take 10-15 min.
  • Discounted personal coaching/consultation with Darcey for more in- depth personal attention during the course.

29 thoughts on “Giveaway!! Two FREE Spots to the Renewal 12 week E Program!!

  1. Namaste

    I shared this on my FB page here >>>

    Sending everyone peace, love & harmony, beautiful blessings & divine indigo light. May we all learn from each other, support each other and inspire and be inspired, love and be loved, recognize and be recognized. May our journeys be blessed with love & gratitude and may we all send each other healing and receive it gracefully and humbly.

    {{{ ❤ }}}

  2. I have shared on my personal Facebook timeline –

    I have been doing a lot of personal healing work this past year and really trying to honor myself through more self care. I do well most of the time, but also find myself slipping back into old habits. Having a program to keep me focused with others in the same space and needing accountability as well will be immensely helpful! I am also open to learning other ways of honoring myself as I continue on my healing journey . . .

  3. I really enjoyed the introduction class! Thanks Darcey. As a single mama self care is something that often gets pushed to the side, but is something I am really striving towards integrating into my life more. First, to nourish and love myself, so I can be a better mama, and to teach my daughter what it means to love and honor our bodies by paying attention to them and making time for them. This has been an extremely challenging winter after being displaced by a fire in our cabin. This spring more than ever, as I am rebuilding the pieces of our life I am thinking about how to find more balance, more space for self nurturing, ways to feed myself deeply and simply. And I have the intention to open myself more fully to my divine and sacred path and love the pieces you mentioned about living your hearts calling and taking small step to create and live a meaningful life.

  4. I just shared this on pinterest (where I found you and my personal favorite social media!)

    Renewal would inspire and rejuvenate my heart body and soul in my journey so very much. I am a mama and a postpartum doula so self care is of the upmost importance as my daily output is great. I’d love to do this program as a treat for my self and as a foundation for my family as well.

    Thank you so much for what your are doing for the community! Blessed be, sweet sister!

  5. I would love this course as I have recently embarked on a holistic lifestyle and I am hugely interested in meditation affirmations nutrition.positive thinking.and spirituality

  6. I enjoyed your video on your Renewal program. I have been on a healing journey for 15 years and have learned so much about my physical health. I am stuck on my healing journey, due to something emotional (my MD calls it trauma) that happened at work. I understand that this is part of my healing journey but am confused on how to navigate through this uncomfortable part of the journey. Herbal remedies and nature for healing are what I think would help me, but maybe I just need to shift my outlook, not sure. I would love to win a spot in your class because maybe, just maybe this is the tool I need to move past this feeling of being ‘stuck’ and heal spiritually and emotionally. Thank you for taking time to make this video and for hosting this giveaway. I shared on Instagram under Akaliene.

  7. Shared on FaceBook. I am preparing to make a drastic life change that while necessary and ultimately beneficial is still rather daunting. This would be an excellent tool to help me learn my new path.

  8. I am inspired by this program because over the last year I have been guided to eat and celebrate with the seasons, have become in tune with how much my body craves different forms of movement, as well as getting more involved with earth based ceremonies. This program has all that and more! I think being involved in this program will help me not only deepen my knowledge of all these wonderful pillars of health, but create and bring more of this juicy knowledge into my life. After a emotional/ reflecting winter I am ready to learn and soak in all this program has to offer. Thank you for this lovely opportunity Darcey! Here is the link I posted on pintrest

  9. I shared this publicly on my Facebook page. I so enjoyed your video! What you say makes so much sense to me. I’m 55 and have spent so many decades trying to accomplish what it is that your are presenting in your class. It seems that I’ve worked on one or more of the steps here and there, but never quite got them all together. I think your program will help me find a way to accomplish this as a whole. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts!

  10. Lucy says I have shared on my facebook account: Lucy Schwill.

    I am so in need of renewal. For the past10 years I have been supporting students I teach, parents thru transitions, supporting family members leaving this plain, guide my child thru many trials and tribulations. I have also been helping a partner with many physcial aliments. It is now vitial to take care of myself. A good friend Heidi B. started teaching me how to make tintures etc. while she lived in Sedona. It has brought so many delights into my life and supported me highly. I would love to learn more and get back to my roots in the hear and now as well as past lives. I look forward to meeing you and learning the ways of nature. May blessings and looking forward to lifing the veil back to myself. In full gratitude.

  11. I maybe needing some rejuvenating after my foot operation! I will be cooped up at home so will be nice to continue with you Darcey and stay in an uplifting group in my healing process ❤
    Sharing on FB ❤

  12. Darcey walks her talk. Wild and creative. Nurturing and Plant Goddess. Connected to Plant Spirit and Plant Medicine. Reweaves self nurturing rituals in many ways. Posted on FB. I cannot recommend Darcey’s work enough for her ability to weave a web, admit her humanness and strive to connect with the roots of Pachamama while at the same time reaching for the Stars.

  13. I feel a genuine alignment with this plan. I have currently been on a renewal journey myself since the New Year. I like the balance offered within this program. I am seeking information and connection with like-minded individuals that will encourage me to stay the course. I am trying to let go of fear that I won’t be strong enough to continue seeking a better life. I think the perfect way to quiet the voices of doubt is to amplify the positivity and immerse myself in resources and support.

  14. After the winter we have had, I am ready for a renewal! Thanks for the opportunity and making this available. I know a lot of hard work has been put into this.

  15. Another deep, enriching program by Darcy of Shamana Flora is something that connects you so innately to the Earth, and her majesty. I have learned so much from three programs I have taken so far, and in all my spare time, i relisten to all the files, and go over her works, so that I am becoming a competent, confident healer with plant medicine. I knew barely anything before i began studying with Darcy, and now I dream of plants, and they speak to me and share their wisdom with me. I would love to be gifted this class, but I know there are others who could benefit if they haven’t tried connecting with Darcy. Of course, I shared with Pinterest, FB, Linked-In, and am emailing friends. I wish I lived closer to Darcy so I could live hands on near her, as her wisdom, and knowledge is exactly where I want to be in life. So loving and helpful, and an inspiration!

  16. Good morning Darcey! I have shared your e-course on my FB page here . After a short hiatus away from my Herbalist Self, I am ready to get back to the roots of my being. I am taking an Advanced Herbal course starting this spring and I feel that this will be the perfect compliment to that. I have loved and learned so much from your courses in the past and know that this will be no different. Much love to you! ❤ 🙂

    1. I have been struggling with illnesses that have left me depleted and weaker spiritually ( although the illnesses also sparked my return to my spirituality), physically, mentally and emotionally. I am into natural health remedies and have a strong feeling this would further my evolution to become the woman i am meant to be

  17. Done! Here:

    I’ve really been looking at re-doing all my default systems lately. Pretty sure it’s a snake year again over here, and if I shed off the things that aren’t working, I’m going to need to rebuild ones that do. Thus, why I need this class. Plus, you just inspire the crap out of me, lady. 🙂

  18. I have shared on Facebook here:

    This sounds like a wonderful program. A program that could definitely help me move forward and rejuvenate my own life. My self care has been on the back burner for almost 11 years now. Raising two young kiddos, it happens. I am glad to give them all I do, but now it is time to refocus on me. I studied Herbalism abut 15 years ago and really miss working with the plants and being out in nature. Getting back on track on my own just is not working. Most recently I have been dealing with gut issues and a hormone imbalance. Though I am on natural supplements, I think working with nourishing and cleansing teas and such would help with what I am dealing with. And being able to make them myself, even better! Being part of a program like this with like minded individuals makes it all that much brighter. My heart and soul are calling out for more, but for a long time I have not really been listening. It is time to change that.
    Thank you. 🙂

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