The 6 Pillars of Renewal & Well-Being- March 1 at 2 pm MST (Free Class!)

renewal2Join me on March 1 at 2 pm MST for a free class on the 6 aspects of well being and renewal for a truly WHOLE- ISTIC process of healing- nourishing food, herbal rejuvenation, joyful movement, connection with nature, personal spiritual practice, and attuning to the hearts true calling and purpose in our lives.

Wellness is more than just a body thing- its a spirit and heart thing. We have to nourish all 6 of these aspects of ourselves to maintain and cultivate well-being of body, mind and soul. We’ll talk about some simple ways we can work in each of the 6 aspects for our own healing and well-being, no matter where we are in our journey with our well-being.  Well-being and wellness have everything to do with our connection to our innate and intuitive wisdom from our body and our hearts, and treating ourselves with love, compassion and gentleness, not punishing or harshness.  Listen in to learn some simple and gentle ways to cultivate nourishment in all these aspects of your life!

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This is a live call in class, but it will be recorded for anyone who registers and misses the call time!!

Be sure to call in and get the special offer for the upcoming 12 week Renewal Program!!


One thought on “The 6 Pillars of Renewal & Well-Being- March 1 at 2 pm MST (Free Class!)

  1. Darcey rocks. She walks her talk. She’s wild and creative and admittedly human too. I recommend her course as a former apprentice and client. Her ways are nurturing and fierce, bold and surprising, colorful and rooted and deeply connected to the green beings, prickly green beings and all of the plant spirits.

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