What do you FEEL? Sensing the Plants Exersize

So we did this little practice in the Plant Whisperer Journey Community this week, even though we haven’t quite started officially, we’re getting our hearts and bodies and minds ready to be connecting with the plants in a few weeks.  Look at this plant, don’t worry about if you know, or not, anything about it. Try to put aside anything you already know.   And you know what, they nailed it. On the head.

Anyone can do this.

What do you FEEL when you look at these pictures. What does the plant conjure up in your sensory body, your feeling sense, your intuition, your symbolic mind, your inner child?  Don’t worry about words.  Just FEEL it.

Share your feelings or noticings as best you can in words in the comments below.

I’ll share traditional information on the plant, the flower essence and more in a week.

Practice sensing. Let go of the books for minute. Tune into the wisdom that is around us all the time.

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21 thoughts on “What do you FEEL? Sensing the Plants Exersize

  1. Upward flow of movement, a loving Mother cupping her hand and patting you real hard to assist to get the phlegm up out of your lungs late into the night. Mother’s strong love when you need it.

  2. I would change “quiet” to “peaceful” as I can hear her voice ,and it is a song of healing sweetness. A beautiful gift ~

  3. I feel it at as reminder and an affirmation…of standing tall and alone, part of the landscape but standing out from it…soft but flexible and strong all at the same time….and that that is ok

  4. A staircase of ascension. Each flower a blossom of experience. Growth is nurtured by the warm, fuzzy love of the leaves. Even though mullein is tall it feels very grounded and supported by strong roots.

  5. This is my guardian plant at the farm here. It comes up in the most desolate spots out of the worst soil and always perseveres. To me it brings strength, the ability to persevere and see things through and an intense joy and comfort in the little yellow flowers it puts out after it’s long growth journey upwards. It feels like a balance of masculine and feminine energies to me , the soft unfolding Lamb Ear type leaves and the strength in the stem shooting straight up. One always comes up in our dooryard and we feel that it offers protection ,joy and abundance. When we cut it at summers end we dip it in beeswax and light it on Samhain to ask for light and strength in the winter to come ~

  6. It looks soft, gentle, and stands tall. It clearly wants to be noticed since it stands out and taller than anything around it. The leaves are broad and huge telling me it symbolizes abundance since it’s leaves are not needle like or small like ones on the desert or other plants. Yellow flowers tell me about friendship and happiness. It wants attention.

  7. I felt warm…cozy… that feeling when it’s cold out and you are cuddled into a warm blanket. I felt an opening in my solar plexus… Lots of warming sensations from the center of my body… Clearing and cleansing too.. 🙂

  8. I feel comfort from it too. Like being wrapped in a soft blanket in front of a crackling fire on a stormy night.

  9. I can’t help but sense something comforting when looking at this plant. I am reminded of infancy, of babies, and a soothing sense of calm. There is also something strangely erotic about this plant…. Just my sense…. 🙂

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