Morning rituals

How do you start your day?
Favorite breakfast choices? Hot tea? Morning grounding and connection? Appreciation and gratitude? Gardening? Feeding the kids? How do you tend and nourish sacred space at the beginning of the day amidst the bustle and hustle?  Share your morning moments in the comments.  How do you take space? How do you create sacredness? Where do you bring nourishment?

This is where I carved it out today. In appreciation and gratitude for myself and healing choices, nourishing my body and listening to my soul guides.

Today’s wisdom from plants- what are you focusing on and where do you find freshness- alongside healing the deep wounds of ancestors & Divine masculine protection of the depths of feminine waters, feeling and intuition. A fresh perspective on healing old stuff. #soulwarrior #shamanaflora #plantwhisperer #hearthtender #ancestors
I might have a small obsession with matcha. #beautifultea #greeneverywhere
Been feeling the aloneness a lot- so I gave my bed a makeover. It actually really does feel better to sleep in a grown up – pretty to look at bed. That- and it’s cool enough for my down ! #startingmoments #howtoshowupforlife #abundanceattitude #idwanttowakeuptothatdontyou

3 thoughts on “Morning rituals

  1. i start my day with quiet meditation for half an hour to 45 minutes. then i do a few yoga sun salutations, which i call prayer with my body. after that i pray to great spirit for what i need or want and for others that i know need help. finally i sit and read a bit in a few different books, all of them inspiring and teaching me ways to grow and be more conscious and aware, loving and kind, radiant and present.

    1. one more thing…i give appreciation when i pray for all the blessings and miracles and goodness that i have received and that feels really important.

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