She said…..

I spent a lot of years feeling inadequate, like what I had to offer the world of herbalism was run of the mill at best, I Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetplayed the comparison game.  And I’ve done a lot of work to grow into my fullest self, to let go of the stories and mind fucks I created for myself. Its a journey we all have to go on… one I’m grateful for, because life is easier without those games.   But, my point today is, even though I do that work for myself;  the affirmations you, my community share with me, feed me, they keep me going when I get stuck, when I get down, when I feel afraid that I don’t do enough or share enough.  I’ve been working with a group called Community Grace this month, led by Hannah Marcotti…and she dared us to share.  To get honest.

This is what she said…. to me.

…i so appreciate you

…I love my blossoming.  Thank you for supplying the water and sunshine to make it possible.

…you show each student the doorway they were seeking, but the knowledge and confidence that would unlock their own spiritual journey with plants.

…you held space for the group to explore new ideas, engage in sacred ceremony, and to connect in a deeper and richer way with the plant allies,

…you brought me home

…thank you deeply for creating a safe,accepting,heart holding and honoring container to explore the magic of plants in

…You are amazing and I think you are the raddest chick of the southwest.

…I feel a greater sense of self empowerment and purpose!

…you empowered me to restore my wholeness with medicinal plants, whole foods and authentic relationship with desert flora

…Clearly the universe wants you to do this work and clearly so many of us need a knowledgable and compassionate guide like you.

…I feel full and deeply nourished by the plants, place and women I was blessed to share space and ritual with .

…your cultavation of community and kinship captivated and pulled me in such a good way

…She leads her students through a very special and thoughtful process, encompassing mind, body and spirit!

…thank you for creating an unforgettable and life changing experience and for creating a safe and supportive space for me to heal and become more like myself

And so I say thank you.  thank you for holding up the mirror. thank you for daring to go these journeys with me.  thank you for being the lights in my world.

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5 thoughts on “She said…..

  1. What a soul filling post. You are all those things and of course more. You are helping so many people. Love you.

  2. In addition, you are a saavy businesswoman that knows how to market and communicate through social media. This may sound superficial but it is extraordinary compared to the average “herbalist.” You can’t share your wisdom if people don’t know about you!

    1. Debra I would have to agree! There are two herbalists in my town who sporadically offer classes but other than that they are impossible to get ahold of because they do not know how to market their services. I felt so blessed to find Darceys classes because it awakened the journeys I needed to take. And the pictures she posts on social media are beautiful and inspiring, fuel for the spirit.

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