An Invitation: The Plant Whisperer Photo Journey begins on October 20!

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When: October 20 – Nov 30, 2014

Cost: Free,  to all who wish to connect deeply with their plant allies!

How: Sign up here to join the group and receive the prompts

Dear one,

You are invited to join me, for 40 days of communion with the plants around you, no matter what stage of life they are in, leaves red and falling, winter stalks brown and withered, flowering in the last blaze of autumn glory, buried beneath a dusting of snow, or in full bloom, indoors or outdoors.

This journey to listen more deeply to the plants as our allies, teachers and friends, and seeking out the wisdom they offer us in the simple small moments of the day!

Each 2 days for the next 40 days you will receive a prompt- to take with you thru the next 48 hours,  intending, asking, and calling, to find a plant that speaks to you about the days prompt- a plant that you can sit with for a few moments, for 10 min or even longer,  and connect and commune with. Ask that plant friend to share with you its wisdom about the days prompt.  Ask it to show you through your heart, your feeling senses, and your body.

Listening to the plants messages of wisdom doesn’t have to be difficult or mystical. It is as simple as looking with an open heart and allowing for just a few moments.

As you connect with each plant teacher you meet on the journey, take a picture of it, in a way that helps to express the medicine it shared with you.
This is an exploration in communion with nature, yourself, and your camera/phone camera as a vehicle for alchemical plant magic…visioning through the eyes of the artist, through beauty, grace, and magic.
Then share your picture with us in the private facebook group, and/or on Instagram with the hashtag #plantwhisperer Welcome to this journey of the plant whispers, friend.

Make magic.

We begin Oct 20!

Darcey Blue

Join the Plant Whisperer  Photo Journey Free today!


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