Salty kefir lassi with fresh herbs, lemon and chile


I’ve never been much for exceedingly sweet breakfast, even smoothies with lots of fruit can overdo me. This summer, on urgings from my body, I’ve been making a lighter, probiotic breakfast of kefir I’ve been making at home. Sometimes I add a little fruit, plus herbs and spices, sometimes cucumbers and other veggies, tomorrow I may put cold carrot ginger soup in my kefir. And today, in the mood for something salty, light and with a kick… I made this one. Give it a whirl, your belly may thank you.

Salty kefir lassi with herbs, lemon and chile
A large handful of favorite fresh and savory garden herbs- chives, rosemary, tagetes, calendula flowers, basil, sage are good, even mint or lemon verbena! And arugala for an extra kick!

1/2 lemon juiced

2 chiltepin chiles, or other as you desire. My garden is producing chiltepins.

1/2 tsp sea salt

1.5 c plain milk kefir

Blend all the ingredients in the blender. Pour into a big mug. Sip slowly on the porch watching the garden wake up and the sun kiss all the land with warm love.


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