When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

Sometimes in life, we come to a place of needing to realign, affirm, intend, bless, and offer gratitude.  A despacho (blessing) ceremony is ideal for those times, when life asks for an investment of your energy, feeling and intention.

Traditionally despacho ceremony is offered as a gift to the land spirits, at the beginning of new endeavors, for rites of passage (birth, death, marriage, coming of age), when asking for something to come into your life, or for offering a blessing of forgiveness or gratitude.

Despachos are created with your prayers and intentions and deep feeling infused into the gifts offered in the despacho, traditionally, grains, fruits, seeds, sweets and candies, in addition, call on the plants as allies for specific intentions, and include flowers, herbs, and medicines in the offering to amplify and empower and bring even more beauty into the ceremonial offering.  After your despacho is created, and infused with prayers and blessings, the offering is burned in a ceremonial fire to offer it up to the wisdom of the universe and spirit.

I have made despachos over and over and always find they help shift the energy and movement around a situation as much as I am able to put my energy and emotion in the intention.  A ceremony for forgiveness when I’ve been hurtful to someone that helps me to change my thoughts and feelings toward the situation.  And I cried, oh how I cried during that ceremony.  There WAS so much I needed to forgive, and ask for forgiveness, and I no longer had to hold it inside.  That one burned for hours in the fire, it was dense, thick with energy, and transformed overnight in the coals.

I offered a ceremony at the Temple of Grace while I was at Burning Man, lost in a dusty white out on the playa, sheltering in the temple, making prayers for all those people who had lost someone, who had written their prayers on the walls of that graceful building, prayers for sweetness and peace, burned up in the flames of the temple burn, with 60,000 people’s energy and intentions going up in smoke.  It was powerful to watch all those intentions, all that humble honor that all those people gave to that moment.

When I travelled to Peru, there were countless despachos before I even left, offerings to the mountains I would be working with, and then while there, each new place we visited, each step of our journey, punctuated by prayer after prayer and beautiful despachos created by our friends, the Pampa Mesoyoqs, of the Andes- Dona Bernadina, Don Hilario, Don Adriel, Jose Luis.  This medicine and gift ran deep, full of the prayers of 25 journeyers.

Its simple to ask for the support and grace of our spiritual allies – by making offerings of gratitude.  We say, “Thank you great spirit for bringing me to forgivess, Thank you for spirit of rose for infusing my heart with love, thank you pachamama/mother earth for holding me in infinite abundance and providing for me all that I need.”  We offer in gratitude as if we already HAVE exactly what we need, we offer gratitude for the support and help in transforming heavy energy , we offer gratitude and great joy at stating our intention for our beautiful project or relationship as we create it.  Bringing your life into ceremony maginifies and intensifies and transforms it from just our own mind, heart and energy, and taps into that which is bigger than us, that which is sacred all around us.  We are creators of our own destiny, working hand in hand with the power of creation and spirit.

How do you ask for assistance from your allies, teachers, wisdom keepers and great spirit?


If  you would like to receive and participate in a despacho ceremony for your personal needs, I offer personalized despachos.  You can contact me to set one up!

Personalized Despacho Blessing Ceremony

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One thought on “When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

  1. hi I just love following your youbtube and what you teach, I am so drawn to you, I have written to you before ,but I have come full circle back to you. I am south American-Argentine ,but live in Australia. I am clairvoyant clairsentient ,and I am currently learning from a south American medicine man ,( he is passing down knowledge to me – from his family line of medicine ) he is 73. I have been also learning- native American -and Hawaiian shamanic teachings, I make drums and currently going to do a childrens drum circle.
    I would love to learn from you ❤ to be a herberlist but like you ❤ love the way you are connected with mother earth .
    if there is a way I can do a course or two even if it is threw Skype. (yes me medicine man dose herbal stuff) but I want to learn from you . crossing fingers there is a way 🙂
    sending so much love from this end of the world 🙂
    Angelina Vilar

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