The Everyday Sacred- 28 Day Journey

Coming in 2015 Start the coming year off by calling in your plant allies, creating sacred space, ceremony, and personal healing with Shamana Flora: The Everyday Sacred 28 Day Journey For the length of the First Moon Cycle of 2015- Join me for daily practices, journeys, challenges and plant wisdom delivered to your inbox to … Continue reading The Everyday Sacred- 28 Day Journey


When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

Sometimes in life, we come to a place of needing to realign, affirm, intend, bless, and offer gratitude.  A despacho (blessing) ceremony is ideal for those times, when life asks for an investment of your energy, feeling and intention. Traditionally despacho ceremony is offered as a gift to the land spirits, at the beginning of … Continue reading When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

Sacred Plant Wisdom from Hawthorn

Its finally here!  The Sacred Plant Wisdom devoted to the magical, heart nourishing, protective Hawthorn Tree! Sacred Plant Journey, Guided Meditation, Journal Questions for deepening your relationship and work with Hawthorn as an ally for emotional and spiritual transformation, music, poetry and more! Here's a short sample from the Recording - Wisdom from Hawthorn  $5.29  - … Continue reading Sacred Plant Wisdom from Hawthorn