Chakra Plant Wisdom E Course Giveaway!

Its that time again!  I’m going to give away TWO spots to the Chakra Plant Wisdom E course on Sept 14!   Read on below to find out how to sign up for the giveaway!!!

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Chakra Plant Wisdom E Course begins on Oct 1!


Watch the FREE Video intro until Sept 9!

Plant Allies for Healing the Chakras

The chakras are energetic centers in our physical and luminous body, described by many traditions and cultures throughout the world, by many names. They hold memory, emotion, trauma, healing and wisdom for us, and are always informing us, the way our body works, the way we respond to the world around us.  We can learn about our physical, emotional, and spiritual body and nature through study of each chakra.  Plants can be our allies in the work of healing, nourishing and supporting the physical and energetic manifestations of the chakras.

Join me in  this e- course to learn about each chakras vibrations, jobs, and corresponding physical manifestations in the body, and about the plant, allies and helpers that can support each chakra.  This course will also use shamanic journey, ceremony, energetic clearing, and plant medicines to help you learn and heal your own chakra system.20140119-201024.jpgYou should be familiar with the basics of herbal energetics, and with the basics of meditation and/or journey work, or at least comfortable with exploring and learning these techniques.   You do not need to be a practicing herbalist, healer or energy worker.  This course is for  YOU to work, heal and learn about yourself and your allies.  Though the class may help you feel more comfortable and adept at working with plant medicine healing in your practice as well.

Lessons are delivered as PDF downloads, with video, mp3, images and text files.  You must be able to use, access and work with all the class materials.  I have found this works best on a laptop/desktop with internet access.  Ipads,  Kindles and phones often have trouble.

October 1 2014, – Feb 1, 2015

Lessons delivered-  two monthly, with a holiday break in December!

Early Registration Discount!!!


Until Sept 15 ,2014


To Participate in the Giveaway you must:

1. Share what taking this class would mean to you and what you hope to gain from it. Tell me your story!  Tell me why this speaks to you!

2. Comment on this post below for EACH TIME you share this page on : (one entry per type of share)




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Winners will be announced on Sept 14, Next Sunday!!!  Happy sharing!!!




28 thoughts on “Chakra Plant Wisdom E Course Giveaway!

  1. Dear Darcey,

    The time for me to begin taking the energetic integration between plants and people more seriously is now. For years, I’ve been working with hands-on healing in many different ways, but my relationship with the plants has been more personal and private. The whispers of the plants when I work with my clients are growing more insistent, and I’m seeking new ways to act as a conduit for the plants to connect with people, and to keep my energy clear and flowing as I do it. The opportunity to take this class would help me to share the good flow in meaningful ways with more people. Thank you for sharing your energy and ideas with us; may the blessings that you give flow back to you in abundance.

  2. Darcey, taking your Shamanic Herbalism class has been one of the best experiences of my life. am so thankful you have decided to share your wisdom with us.I I pray to win one of the spots, it would mean so much to me right now, as my financial situation is not at it’s best.
    Love – Amber

  3. I would love to learn more about chakras, what each means and how it interacts with the physical and energetic bodies, and the emotional components involved and how to work with herbs and the chakras.

  4. Hi Darcey,
    I would love to take the Chakra Plant Wisdom class~I’ve been working with plant spirit medicine and the course would deepen my learning. I have worked with chakras but not in combination with plants – how exciting! this really resonates with me and the prospect of learning from you gladdens my heart!

  5. After watching the spree cast last week, it was incredibly moving! You introduced me to Palo Santo and it has been wonderful in my house and environment.

    This art of healing through intentions and prayer and herbalism has been present in my life in moments here through family members and a great friend of the family. I am not currently practicing , nor consider myself a proficient herbalist, but am opening my awareness to opportunities that present themselves as this is being one of them.

    This speaks to me because when one keeps experiencing these moments to embark in this, it is time to listen 🙂

  6. Hi Darcey, I’ve been following your work and journeyings as I’ve proceeded down my own path as a brand new herbal student.. I’ve had the opportunity to study under a few great teachers so far, and would be utterly honored and grateful to be able to participate in your e-course. I’ve been doing some personal investigation into the chakras and some corresponding crystal therapies, and I think having the herbal medicines related to them (the chakras) would be a great way to round out some of the studying I’ve been doing in that realm.
    It would truly mean a lot to this aspiring herbalist. I guess that’s what I am trying to say.
    Thank you for your time and for giving us all the potential for this opportunity.

  7. I was a practicing aromatherapist for many years and did some light herbal study, but never connected. I am so sensitive (which seems nicer to myself than saying fragile) and noticed that things other than food affect my blood sugar levels…I am 45 but only beginning to respect my need for sleep, rhythm/routine, clean food, a serene environment and have been seeking another way besides aromatherapy, reiki and gemstones to help balance and regulate my body. This would be wonderful. I am so loving the banner for the class, it is gorgeous.

  8. Wow, this is really interesting! I have been in suffering and recently came to meditation and opened the door for the healing process to take place. About 15 years ago I had an experience where I was able to see the energy centers in the body and I would like to tap into that energy again. I just listened to a podcast with Sandra Ingerman and she spoke about marigolds for the earth and spiritual light and that inadvertently brought me here. I work with many plants everyday. I grow them and love them, and want to experience the plant wisdom they have to offer. I’m looking at getting reconnected with myself and sharing and helping others as I go through this process of healing and compassion and love.

    Thank you for being a light in this world. Peace be with you.

  9. The intro workshop gave me the amazing gift of a Plant Spirit ally that I have not worked with before in this way. The words that came through to me, during the meditation, brought such peace and such personal awareness that I literally had “happy tears” both in my heart and running down my face. After the workshop was over, I immediately grabbed my books to learn more and found that, as usual, the Plant People had spoken with the most amazing wisdom, whispering right in my ear. I was SO THRILLED to find that I did indeed have that exact Plant in my collection of Flower Essences and have begun to work with it in my daily meditations so as to more fully receive and understand its gifts. I have posted the link to this class on FB (I am not on Twitter and such) but have shared it on my HomePage, as well as my business page and the public page for the Midwest Herb Fest, and shared it via email with my intended study buddies. Hoping that many people sign up, as this information is just invaluable and should be shared as widely as possible. GO Plant People and THANK YOU, Darcy for sharing of yourself with all of us ❤

  10. i would love to take this class because i want to get a deeper into my chakras and learn to use the best herbs to work with each, I loved your last 6 month course and i think this one would be a great follow up on everything we have learned. ❤ ❤ i love learning with a group of women who share their experiences, it makes it even better! thank you!

  11. Hmmmmm, what do Darcey’s classes mean to me? And what do I gain from them? Now that would take more time and space than I can give right now! I have already had 2 successful experiences with my Chakras just from listening to the Spreecast! So, I am sure wondrous things are going to happen for me and fellow students during the Chakra Plant Wisdom class! This new class like the two previous classes I have taken with Darcey (FLOWERPOWER and SHAMANAFLORA) will open new experiences for me on working and dealing with Plants and their Spirits. New knowledge on the use of plant medicine that I can incorporate into my daily life and community. New JOURNEYS on this calling of SHAMANA. New LOVE and REVERENCE for the LIVING and ANCESTRAL SPIRITS that are around us always. As for my LIFE STORY, well, it is similar to so many of my FRIENDS and TEACHERS on this PATH. I am finding out WHO I AM, and learning to accept my LIGHT and DARK SIDES, my UPS and DOWNS, letting go of so much guilt and fear. Looking forward to our next JOURNEY together my FRIENDS, in October! My favorite time of year!

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