You have 6 days….Free Chakra and Plants Class

I just discovered that Spreecast has changed their program and recordings are only available for 7 days!!! This is bad news for me. But good news for you because I want as many people as I can reach to have the chance to watch this free class from last night in the next 6 days.

If you didn’t make it last night, make sure to watch this video in the next 6 days before its unavailable ( i can’t even download the sucker without paying an arm and a leg). Spread it around for the next 6 days!

Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

Check out Chakra Plant Wisdom w/ Darcey Blue on Spreecast.


3 thoughts on “You have 6 days….Free Chakra and Plants Class

  1. I’m not able to watch this video. Spreecast is playing games. Do you have a better way to help me watch the free itro?



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