FREE Video Class on Plants for the Chakras!!!

chakra classbutton.jpg

I am so thrilled for the new E course on plant medicine that I’m offering this fall!  All about how the plants can help us heal each of our chakra centers, and which physical body systems correspond with each of these energy centers!

I’m offering a free Video Intro Class on Sept 4 for  you come and find out more what this is all about!  We will talk about some plants, what the chakras are, and do a practice to help us connect with plants for one of our chakras!

The class is totally free, but you do need an internet connection to join.  AND it will be recorded and archived so you can watch it later if you miss the live broadcast, or want to go back and watch again!!!

FREE Video Class Introduction on Sept 4 at 6:30 pm PST!!

 Join me to learn more about plants, the chakras and how they can help you in your personal healing and healing practice!

Sign up for the FREE VIDEO SPREECAST!!!

Make sure to stay till the end as I’ll be offering you a special gift at the end of the spreecast video broadcast!!!  But you must be signed up and watch the spreecast to get it!




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