Discover the Plant Medicines for each Chakra in the Body! E course Begins Oct 1, 2014

chakra classbutton.jpgPlant Allies for Healing the Chakras

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Until Sept 15 ,2014

The chakras are energetic centers in our physical and luminous body, described by many traditions and cultures throughout the world, by many names. They hold memory, emotion, trauma, healing and wisdom for us, and are always informing us, the way our body works, the way we respond to the world around us.  We can learn about our physical, emotional, and spiritual body and nature through study of each chakra.  Plants can be our allies in the work of healing, nourishing and supporting the physical and energetic manifestations of the chakras.

Join me in  this e- course to learn about each chakras vibrations, jobs, and corresponding physical manifestations in the body, and about the plant, allies and helpers that can support each chakra.  This course will also use shamanic journey, ceremony, energetic clearing, and plant medicines to help you learn and heal your own chakra system.

You should be familiar with the basics of herbal energetics, and with the basics of meditation and/or journey work, or at least comfortable with exploring and learning these techniques.   You do not need to be a practicing herbalist, healer or energy worker.  This course is for  YOU to work, heal and learn about yourself and your allies.  Though the class may help you feel more comfortable and adept at working with plant medicine healing in your practice as well.

Lessons are delivered as PDF downloads, with video, mp3, images and text files.  You must be able to use, access and work with all the class materials.  I have found this works best on a laptop/desktop with internet access.  Ipads,  Kindles and phones often have trouble.

October 1 2014, – Feb 1, 2015

Lessons delivered-  two monthly, with a holiday break in December!

Early Registration Discount!!!


Until Sept 15 ,2014

Full price after Sept 15 is $139


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