Honoring the Daily Waters: An Herbal Shower Bundle

While in Peru, the Donas’ and Pacos talked with us about the spirits of the waters that inhabit lakes, lagoons, rivers, and oceans, and showed us how they made their offerings and gratitude to the spirit of the waters.



Dona Bernadina also encouraged us to make each and every shower, bathing time, or moment we turn on the faucet and water comes out, a blessing, a ceremony and a moment of gratitude to those spirits of the waters that keep the water fresh, clean, healthy and abundant.   The shower can become your daily prayer and a daily cleansing of your spiritual, emotional and physical bodies, by asking and intending that the spirits of the waters work with you.

I arrived home today from a long 24 hr airplane ride, and was ready for a cleansing and refreshing shower.  The house was a bit stuffy and warm- and I just was enjoying the garden before I got into the shower, and began to pick a small bundle of herbs, fragrant and uplifting and cleansing herbs like rosemary, sage, lemon verbena, basil and marigold.

I tied them all together and then, instead of using the bundle as a broom to sweep my body with the cleansing and clearing properties of the plants, I hung that bundle of plants up on the shower head, as I bathed, honoring the spirits of the waters in this dry land with deep gratitude, the plants offered their cleansing and healing spirits to the bathing experience.

When you hang a bundle of herbs from the shower head, the warm water and steam naturally combine with the volatile fragrant oils of the plants, and fill the bath with the sweet aroma of your favorite spiritual and emotional cleansing plant allies!!!    The whole shower becomes a sensual, spiritual and ceremonial gift to yourself!


So, as you take your next shower (or bath, you can hang your bundle from the bath faucet too), make sure to give your gratitude to the spirits of the waters where you live, and honor them and yourself with a fragrant herbal shower bundle.  Each bundle can stay hung up for anywhere between a week or even a month, depending on  how hardy they are and how many showers.  Refresh your bundle as often as you desire.

A hardy bundle of creosote bush and eucalyptus leaves will last much longer than a bundle of rosemary and marigold.  I typically leave my bundle of creosote bush/chaparral (Larrea tridentata) hanging in the shower for a month or more, as it is very hardy and resinous and lasts a long time.



gather a 2-3 inch diameter bundle of fragrant herbs from the garden: marigold, sage, rosemary, creosote, eucalyptus, fir, basil, verbena, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm, hyssop,mugwort, sage brush,  juniper etc.

Bundle tightly together with a rubber band or tie firmly with yarn. ( make sure its tight, you dont want pieces to fall out as it dries)

Tie a 8-12 inch length of yarn or string around the narrow end of the bundle in a loop and hang from the shower head.

Turn on the warm water, give thanks and bathe in the plant aromas. Make sure to allow the cleansing waters to help you cleanse yourself energetically as well.   (Replace as needed)  Sing or say a prayer to the spirits of the waters and the plants!




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