Winners of the Shamana Flora Course Giveaway Announced!!!

shamanaflora ecoursenodateDear friends- it is with happiness and excitement that I get to welcome two beautiful souls to the group gathering for the Shamana Flora course!!

Lynsage   and    Tiffany Robbins!!

I’ll be messaging you both with details shortly!

And a huge thank you to everyone for your interest and help in spreading the word about this exciting class!    Please do join us in the class – I am very happy to make arrangements with you for a payment plan so you can!!  Remember that the tuition for the course goes up tomorrow after midnight!!  Right now- for about 24  more hours- it’s just $80 for the 6 month program.  After tomorrow registration will remain open, at the full course price of $125.

corn cardRegister for the Shamana Flora E Course right now! 

      Want to read more about how this class might serve you?

Or listen to the teleconference on Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue below!


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