Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Tending the Sacred Heart


Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Tending the Sacred Heart

Feb 16, 2014 

5 pm- 8 pm

The Harmony Hut Healing Arts Collective

Join Tucson herbalist, Darcey Blue, for a community Sacred Cacao ceremony. We will meet together for an afternoon of sipping of ceremonial cacao prepared fresh and intentionally- and teaching on Tending our Sacred Heart- the organ of heart based perception – the internal drum of our body/soul- and the energetic chakra that unites our upper chakras of Spirit connection with our lower chakras of Earth connection- and the place from which we cultivate love or beauty- known as Munay- for self, beloved and all of creation. We will use the power of the Cacao medicine to journey deep into our Sacred Heart to receive our own wisdom and the guidance of our internal rhythms.

Please come with a some sort of rhythm maker- drum, rattle, bells etc, a journal, and an item that represents the Sacred Heart to you for our altar.

Cacao is most powerful experienced on an empty stomach, but please come hydrated and bring snacks to share after our ceremony to help us ground.

The ceremony is offered at The Harmony Hut, 2004 E Spring St

 Space is limited, so preregistration is highly encouraged.

Offered for a sliding scale donation of $15-$25 for supplies.

Contact Darcey–  for pre-registration and payment details.

We will be working with and experiencing Heartblood Cacao, which a powerful and exceedingly high quality traditional ceremonial grade cacao.



One thought on “Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Tending the Sacred Heart

  1. Wow,I am going to a Heartblood Ceremony here in Worcester, MA on Feb 1 2014 where Ambe and Moses are holding it after the Ease your Winter Blues Holistic Faire which I am working at.
    I am feeling closer to this pathmore and more!

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