How will Shamana Flora help you?

Last week I hosted a free class on Shamanic Herbalism- if you missed it, you can listen to the recording to find out what the heck I mean when I talk about Shamanic Herbalism.

What the Heck is Shamanic Herbalism Conference

The class was an hour long and included some questions about the upcoming E- Course- Shamana Flora- Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism.

I thought I’d give you a chance to find out more about what the course will do for you when you take it and begin to do the work to connect with your plant allies in the “spirit” form, and begin a daily shamanic practice for yourself.

The course description lists the syllabus and what each months module lesson will go over, but here’s what you can expect in your own life and practice.

First- its important to note that taking this e class, will not make you a  “Shaman” nor will it make you ready to practice on others if you have not undergone further training and practice.  These  are lessons  to introduce you the skills and tools you will need to deepen your own practice and grow as an herbalist and shamanic practitioner in your own personal life.  A  “shaman” serves their community in a deep, lasting and committed way, and is a call made by spirit.  One e- course, or even 10 years of study doesn’t necesarily make you ready or able.

This course will teach you how to and what kind of practices you can implement and use in your own life for your own healing work, because any practitioner of any healing art, is always doing their own healing work.  We are human and each on our soul journey, which involves doing our personal work – first and foremost.  shamanaflora ecoursenodate

You will meet, develop and deepen your relationships with your personal allies, plant teachers, helping spirits, helpful ancestors in a very personal way.

You will absolutely deepen your relationships with individual plants- as teachers, and with plants as a whole.  There will be practices and tools you will learn that can be applied to your learning and connecting with plants as allies, teachers, helpers and friends for the rest of your life!

You will deepen your relationship with nature, with the EARTH, and with your BODY and its wisdom.  The body is perhaps one of the shamanic practitioners most useful tools, and must be befriended, tended and trusted.  You will develop  ways of tuning into and trusting intuitive body wisdom and signals, in daily life, in practice with plant medicines and in journey.  You will learn to use your physical senses, as well as your intuition to guide you.

corn cardYou will learn to use the shamanic journey and how to navigate your inner spirit world.  This is a practice anyone can learn to use, it does take practice and focus, and time to learn, but you do not have to be “a shaman” to be able to use this tool for your personal healing and well being and growth.

You will begin to understand and learn concepts of energetic healing and energetic body structure, including chakras, the light body, and how stories, traumas, patterns and triggers get stored here, and manifest in the physical body, and ways to work on YOURSELF to help clear and tend your energetic body.

You will learn to use and create rituals and ceremonies for yourself, your family or friends that can be healing, helpful in processing the ups and downs of life, and move through challenging energetic and emotional stuff.  There are few rules about what ceremony should look like, but it should feel meaningful and effective to you.  You will learn the elements you need to construct a ceremony, be safe, call in sacred space, and to use your body, your energy and your emotions to make a ritual or ceremony work for you.

20131119-091443.jpgYou will also be surrounded by an amazing community of fellow seekers- of plant people, energy healers, beginners and those who are looking to go deeper on their own journey.  The group gathering already is an amazing and beautiful crowd, and I am so honored to facilitate the space and journey with you all.  It promises to be a safe and healing space to share epiphanies, challenges, moments of magic and plant connections.

I hope that you will join us if you feel called to this kind of work in your own personal life, in your work with plants, whether you are just beginning or feeling called to go deeper.


Remember- there is a registration discount until Feb 5!  And I’m giving away two spots on Feb 4!  

Class begins Feb 15!



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