Sage Surprises

Its been an amazing journey this year with the Sacred Plant Wisdom newsletter- each month devoting myself to a plant ally, and working with it, journeying with it, and bringing forth new and deeper wisdom from plants that we already know and love as herbalists and plant people.  And though every volume is a joy to create and connect with, this month, Sage, a plant I thought I understood rather deeply, asked me to persist- and wait….and then surprised me with the depth and power of its medicine that it wanted to share with me, personally, and with the world at this time.  So much of what came through was so personal to me.  Sage is a medicine I have found myself turning to over and over again through the course of the year- recovering from devastating heartbreak- and reconnecting with myself and what is sacred and true for me.  Sage spoke to me of how it helps us (and especially me, at this time) to heed and commit to what our SOUL knows is best and in our highest good, even though emotions and physical desires often try to interfere.  I called upon sage a great teacher and ally to keep me strong in the face of making difficult decisions in my souls best interest- that aren’t what my ego would like to happen.  This is a good medicine for the healing of the ego.   Sage also surprised me with its wisdom about how we cultivate balance, and how to stay centered in all directions.   The information, once it came through, was swift and rich, and I felt nearly overwhelmed in trying to capture it all, as if a dream, that was quickly fleeting if I didn’t commit it to paper.

I love when plants surprise us in ways we didn’t expect, and humble sage- of many varieties and species, colors and fragrances- was quite the surprise for me.  So today- after a rough emotional day filled with ego challenges that make me question what my soul knows is truth- I’m going to brew a cup of grounding and centering sage and rose tea- and remember the


balance- remember magic- not fear or ego is my souls truth.

You can find out more in Sacred Plant Wisdom Vol 11: Sage

In the meantime- have some tea.

Sage and Rose Grounding Tea

I use a blend much like this on a regular basis when feeling out of sorts, ungrounded, emotionally whipped/spent, or just needing to get realigned, refocused and reconnected with my heart and inner wisdom. 


1 pt fragrant sage leaves (I like to use white sage best for this)

1/2 pt rose buds or petals

1/4 pt peppermint

1/8 pt allspice berries, crushed

1/4 pt hojicha, jasmine green or lapsang souchoung black tea (this is totally optional if you do not want a caffeinated beverage)


Blend all herbs together, and use 1 tsp per 8 oz cup, steep in hot water for 5 min.  Swirl with your favorite infused honey (sage or rose is especially nice).  Sip, breathe, reconnect.



2 thoughts on “Sage Surprises

  1. Hey darcy its good to see you so happy! Nice recipe thanks for sharing it. How’s the salvia plant coming you started from the seeds I sent you? You were so happy I have to ask. Later:)

    Jesus can save you!!!Sent from my Android

  2. Hey, its good to see you so happy, peaceful. Will try this recipe. How is the plant coming along that you started from the salvia seeds I sent you? You were so excited I had to ask, see ya.

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