Body, Art, Nature- Spectrum Online Holistic Journalling Workshop

I am so thrilled, honored and ecstatic to announce a wonderful project co-created by Hali Karla Arts and 30 amazing healers, artists, goddesses, mothers, and creatrices.  I am proud to be included as one of the contributors to this amazing online workshop for women and an affiliate for the promotion of this gathering of wise, wise women.

Introducing- Spectrum 2014MEDIUMspectrumbutton

 A Visual Journaling Experience celebrating your Art~Body~Nature!

Spectrum is a collective of 30+ holistic-minded artists, healers and visionaries
that have come together to offer a 10 month online workshop
in which you will create a visual field guide
devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU.


Whether you are just beginning a visual or art journal practice, or looking to enhance & spark a seasoned one,

Spectrum is for anyone interested in the holistic creative connection between mind~body~soul~spirit.

This journey is about connecting with
BODY as guide and ally,
ART as intuitive, expressive oracle,
and NATURE as provider of love, lesson, abundance and belonging.

Spectrum is for any woman interested in enhancing intuition,
strengthening courage, celebrating wholeness & diversity, widening perspective, developing deeper relationships,
and who wants to offer her own gifts to the world, guided by personal awareness and creative living…

oh, and that’s not afraid to get her hands in and play!

Each months workshop has multimedia lessons, prompts and activities from the 30 contributors and is themed to help you dive in deep and discover yourself.


Q: Are all of the contributor’s workshops focused on creating something in my Visual/Art Journal?

A: This is the really juicy part about Spectrum! And the short answer is – Nope, not necessarily. Some will be – and others will have something truly unique to offer. You can be assured that we will explore and share fun ways to incorporate each contributor’s creative offering into our ongoing visual journal experience.

In Spectrum, we aren’t just making some nice art journal pages, we are creating an intentional, exploratory Field Guide to the holistic Experience of YOUR ART~BODY~SPIRIT~NATURE!

Stay tuned – over the next several weeks, we will be teasing you with details about each of the exciting workshop offerings from the Spectrum 2014 Collective!

You will be able to join Spectrum 2014 anytime in the upcoming months, but if you act quickly, you get a steep Early Bird discount by registering for the whole workshop by Dec 16!  

And as an affiliate of Spectrum – any purchase you make by clicking on the links here will also support my work.  I thank you with humble gratitude.




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