Find Center

Find your center. Cosco. Manipura. Third Chakra. The place of right action. Nourish and tend that inner fire of creation, abundance, fertility and gut knowing/intuition. Plant Spirit Essences for the Center Pumpkin Pumpkin essence is a strong presence, and is full, vigourous and downright sexy at times, be prepared to get in touch with your … Continue reading Find Center

What participants are saying about the Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat

Angie Oriana Jenkins-¬†Herbalist/Owner of Sister Lotus Body Care, Belly Dance, & Herbal Education Darcey Blue's Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat was absolutely magical for me.¬† Aravaipa Canyon Ranch enchanted me with its mix of lush greenery & hot dry desert where I met Olive Trees, Tobacco, Desert Lavender, & many new human sisters.¬† Darcey was … Continue reading What participants are saying about the Sacred Earth Medicine Retreat

Fireworks Flowers- Bee Balm (Monarda spp)

Celebration of summers fullness - bee balm blooms in July, around my birthday, in the fullest and most abundant moment of summer. Celebrating beauty, abundance, spicy life, and healing. Turning these spicy flowers into infused honey for winter months, and yet more into tincture for all kinds of infections. Blessed by the medicine. My favorite … Continue reading Fireworks Flowers- Bee Balm (Monarda spp)

The Everyday Sacred 28 Day Journey- Summer Solstice!

For the length of the Summer Solstice Moon Cycle of 2015- Join me for daily practices, journeys, rituals, herbal remedies, and plant wisdom delivered to your inbox to invite the Sacred into your EVERYDAY for 2015. Daily practices are designed to take less 15 min, and be simple to incorporate into your daily life. Baby Steps. Small daily changes and tools that add up to a way to tend and nourish a new perspective and intention to hold the Sacred in our Everyday moments. At completion you will have a toolbox available to you for the rest of the year to create sacred moments, ceremony and connection with your plant medicines and allies on a daily basis. Includes online community sharing space.