The medicine journeys: nourishment and rituals from the plants

At Empress Tides!


The Everyday Sacred 28 Day Journey- Summer Solstice!

For the length of the Summer Solstice Moon Cycle of 2015- Join me for daily practices, journeys, rituals, herbal remedies, and plant wisdom delivered to your inbox to invite the Sacred into your EVERYDAY for 2015. Daily practices are designed to take less 15 min, and be simple to incorporate into your daily life. Baby Steps. Small daily changes and tools that add up to a way to tend and nourish a new perspective and intention to hold the Sacred in our Everyday moments. At completion you will have a toolbox available to you for the rest of the year to create sacred moments, ceremony and connection with your plant medicines and allies on a daily basis. Includes online community sharing space.

Morning rituals

How do you start your day? Favorite breakfast choices? Hot tea? Morning grounding and connection? Appreciation and gratitude? Gardening? Feeding the kids? How do you tend and nourish sacred space at the beginning of the day amidst the bustle and hustle?  Share your morning moments in the comments.  How do you take space? How do … Continue reading Morning rituals

When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

Sometimes in life, we come to a place of needing to realign, affirm, intend, bless, and offer gratitude.  A despacho (blessing) ceremony is ideal for those times, when life asks for an investment of your energy, feeling and intention. Traditionally despacho ceremony is offered as a gift to the land spirits, at the beginning of … Continue reading When we need to ask for help- Prayer and Blessing Ceremonies

Moving with Grace through the Winter Blues

Winter is a time of darkness, cold, retracted and withdrawn energy, often times grief, and even depression. I often get questions about how to treat SAD with herbal remedies- because so many of us are affected by the seasonal changes- the loss of the light, the restricted or lessened movement/outdoor activity, stressful holiday seasons which … Continue reading Moving with Grace through the Winter Blues