Spiced Pumpkin Cacao Atole -Recipe

I love autumn, with its cool nights, harvest of roots and squashes, the brilliant and brief flash of golden flowers on the mountains, and especially pumpkin.  I have a bit of an obsession with pumpkin.  I want to put pumpkin in everything, in stew, in beverages, in pie.  A lot of folks have a favorite … Continue reading Spiced Pumpkin Cacao Atole -Recipe

Cafe con Flores- coffee with flowers

Coffee. Lattes. We indulge. Weekly or even daily. I try to avoid sugar drenched lattes with syrups and artificial flavors. But now and again I want to make my morning java a little more special and magical. If faeries and gnomes drank coffee - surely they would spike them with flowers. So I have begun … Continue reading Cafe con Flores- coffee with flowers