Autumn Community Supported Herbalism Shares Available !

Autumn Community Supported Herbalism Shares Open!

Summer CSH shares are in full swing and members are receiving delicious and healing summer medicines like bee balm blossom honey, elder flower syrup, yarrow tincture, holy basil body oil, lemon balm and rose elixir, pinon cone syrup, mullein leaf tincture, and so much more!

But its not too early to think about registering for your Autumn CSH shares!!  I’m taking members for the Autumn season  (Oct-Dec) until Sept 15!!
If you’d like to receive lots of healing herbal medicines for your immune system and winter wellness, now is the time to join the CSH for autumn!  There are limited shares available, and the best way to make sure you get yours is joining early.
Its super easy to make monthly installment payments on your membership too!
You’ll get 3-4 handcrafted, fresh, wild or organic medicines delivered to your mailbox each month for three months to support your family’s winter wellness!!
Fall medicines include:
Elderberry Elixir , Turmeric Golden Milk Mix , Medicinal Mushroom Elixir, Soup Stock Herbs, Roots Herbal Latte Tea blend , Juniper Berry Bitters , Pinon Resin Infused Honey, Ginger Body Oil and a lot more!!

New Stuff in the Apothecary!

Bija Ayurvedic Digestive Seed Tea
A tasty Shamana Flora twist on a traditional blend of cumin, coriander and fennel seeds used in Ayurveda to soothe and strengthen the digestion without being overly heating.
This traditional blend is twisted with mint and rose, plus cardamom and orange peel to cool the nerves in hot summer months, and support the digestion. Sip warm between or with meals as a gentle digestive stimulant. 1 tsp crushed in 8-12 oz warm water. Steep 15 min. Sweeten if desired. Serve warm or room temperature for best results.
Wisdom Keepers Smudging Herbs Wisdom keepers from many lands carry herbs to purify, uplift and align with spiritual guidance- for burning, offering & anointing in sacred moments and reaffirming spiritual alignment. Wild gathered sagebrush and desert lavender of the southwest with sweet aromatic frankincense resin & rose to sweeten and open the heart chakra. Accompanied by lavender blossoms and a whisper of palo santo.

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