Cliff Rose Swoon

2016-07-24 12.00.31-1

Cliff Rose           (Cowania mexicana) – this wild scraggly yet graceful shrub of the pinon juniper scrub forest, which blooms in early summer, fragrant blossoms turning to wiry hairy seed pods…

the scent is intoxicating, and seemingly difficult to capture and preserve.  But these blooms have been calling to me, for over a year now, since last summer, and I gathered them up into a jar, leaving it for several hours to let the bugs fly away, and then smothered the blooms in honey.   I can’t think of a more exquisite way to enjoy the golden rose blooms of cliffrose.  In the roseaceae family, and used in many ways by natives of the colorado plateau.

and besides, its so beautiful…and sexy, especially at twilight…




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