Sweet Clover & Globe Mallow Soothing Face Cream – Order Now!

I am super excited to offer another luscious herbal infused all natural, chemical free, sweet smelling face cream.  Made from the wild and wonderful weeds around the pinyon juniper forest near my home, Sweet Clover (Melilotus alba) and Globe Mallow (Spheralcea spp).  This cream is a cooling, and soothing cream for dehydrated and thirsty summer skin.  Globe Mallow leaves and flowers offer a soft, emollient and hydrating mucilage for dry and irritated skin, while sweet clover leaves and flowers cool and tone, while improving circulation to the skin, and sweet summery vanilla scent.  Additionally, plantain and St John’s Wort to offer gentle healing to the skin.    You can order this sweet summer specialty, $18 + shipping for a 1 oz jar of freshly whipped cream (sesame, coconut, olive oils, with aloe, rose hydrosol water and shea butter.)

Order Sweet Clover & Globe Mallow Cream now!

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