GIVEAWAY! FREE copy of Living Sacred Ceremony – A beautiful new offering from Natalia at Sweet & Sacred!

Praise for Living Sacred Ceremony

“From the first page, Living Sacred Ceremony had my heart. I am familiar with the practices of ceremony from the Andean tradition that Natalia so beautiful, generously and genuinely shares, and this gift literally had me in tears. So much beauty and heart expressed so powerfully yet so simply in Living Sacred Ceremony. Each offering had me wanting to run out and do that particular ceremony myself, right then and there. I also teach ceremony and sacred living in my work, and I will absolutely be recommending and sharing Living Sacred Ceremony with my students. It is a perfect introduction to creating and living with ceremony in our day to day lives, with step by step explanations of both how and why, and leaves plenty of room for personal exploration. But even for a seasoned practitioner, these offerings are perfectly beautiful and applicable.  

I love the simplicity in each ceremony, making it easy to accomplish and ripe to be imbued with your own meaning and feeling, which makes these practices accessible to all. There is so much love in the creation of this book, the beautiful photographs, radiating Natalia’s love and spirit, and the clear and straightforward formatting.  

This one is a winner- full of love, and the magic that imbues our sacred life!”

Darcey Blue, Herbalist

From Natalia Karaoway– my sister shaman, herbalist, yogi and chef!  You won’t want to miss this beautiful book- which can open the magical doors of ceremony and healing in your own life!


Discover the Power of Sacred Ceremony!

Living Sacred Ceremony BookStepping outside of your daily life and into sacred ceremony is an invaluable tool. Ceremony is a beautiful and active prayer that allows you to commune with the spiritual world in an incredibly meaningful way. When you are weighed down by challenges, these practices offer a powerful way to disperse and transform negative energy. When the beauty of life shines through, ceremony becomes a celebration of gratitude and an invitation for more blessings.

Living Sacred Ceremony is filled with unique and beautiful practices that empower you to heal and transform your own life. Whether you are looking for assistance in the realm of love, money, family, health or beyond, there is a ceremony for you to become a powerful change maker and find deeper fulfillment.

Inspired by the Peruvian shamanic tradition and fused with modern day practicality, this book will show you just how beautiful life can be when you are Living Sacred Ceremony.


Do you want to win your own copy of Living Sacred Ceremony from Natalia???  And Get a free E Copy of Sacred Plant Wisdom from me?

We are giving away one print copy and one E book copy of Living Sacred Ceremony, and I will also add a copy of Sacred Plant Wisdom, an E book with meditations, journal work and recipes and sacred messages from 12 plant allies for each winner!!!    2 amazing offerings to increase the magic and sacred and healing in your life!

Here’s the deal!

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The Winners will be drawn from the entries below on July 26!!!


30 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! FREE copy of Living Sacred Ceremony – A beautiful new offering from Natalia at Sweet & Sacred!

  1. Walking a path to learning more about sacred ceremonies and plants. In the last few years, I have benefitted from sacred plants recommend or offered to me by others, and I would like to pass on this wisdom to others as a way to pay it forward. Entering the giveaway is a way to learn more and pass wisdom to others. Many blessings for this opportunity.

  2. Love to learn about new sacred ceremonies.Diffrent Traditions always more to learn and discover.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting! I can’t wait to read and learn more about sacred ceremonies! I shared on my FB and signed up as you required!

  4. sweetness. I love tangible hard copies but an e book would be sweet too! Love the collaboration with shamans flora. Beauty

  5. This book looks amazing. I would love to win it. I have followed all directions. Thanks for considering me.

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